Best AirPods Pro cases in 2021


Just bought an Apple AirPods Pro and are now enjoying the noise-canceling feature and immersive sounds? Congratulations! For a long-lasting investment, your new wireless earbuds will need the protection of the best AirPods Pro cases.

Best AirPods Pro Cases

A great case can extend the lifespan of your AirPods Pro and bring about a personal style that’s uniquely you. We’ve compiled the top 50 cases. Pick one and you’ll have a stylish case that can shake off bumps and drops.

Best of all, these cases have a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping worldwide. Let’s get started!

Here are the best AirPods Pro cases

1. Soft Silicone

Silicone cases provide excellent protection for your newly-acquired AirPods Pro while lending a degree of personalization. The soft silicone case comes in a variety of light tones, subdued hues, and eye-catching colors to suit your preferences. There’s even an option to get case tips for that ‘bedeviled’ look.

The soft silicone case shields your Apple AirPods Pro from everyday scratches and drops to the floor while making it more visible. It’s easy to install and fit on your AirPods Pro in a snug manner. You’ll be able to charge your AirPods battery with the case without having to take the silicone out. It comes with a carabiner for added convenience!

2. Carbon Fiber

AirPods Pro case carbon fiber

This carbon fiber case is perfect for those who want rugged, all-around protection as they go on outdoor adventures. Simply place your Apple AirPods Pro into the case and forget about worrying whether your precious device will survive that trek in the woods, weekend camping or mountain climbing.

The case is built to be tough- it’s carbon fiber material is virtually shock-proof and can withstand drops on tall heights. It’s slim and staves off fingerprints, and can be washed easily too. Various color options make your AirPods Pro more visible and complement your bag, purse or backpack. It’s an excellent case for protection against bumps and everyday bruises.

3. Marble Pattern

This is a Marble Pattern Hard case for the AirPods Pro.

The marble pattern hard case and your Apple AirPods Pro are a match made in heaven. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the hard case is exactly what you need.

You can choose from various designs, including classic white, black marble, brown or a rainbow gradient to complete your fashion sense. The hard case material is laser-manufactured and should fit your AirPods Pro like a glove. Place it on any surface and it will be sure to attract looks and comments from friends and family.

The product comes with an anti-lost strap, sold separately. Protect your AirPods Pro without compromising your style!

4. 3D Soft Silicone

AirPods Pro case cute

Want to give your AirPods Pro some attitude? You’ll love the 3D soft silicone case and the many different designs it offers. You can dress up your favorite wireless earbuds and case with cute Pokemon, a Pokeball and popular techs such as the Nintendo Switch, vintage camera and the like.

In terms of protection, this AirPods accessories case doesn’t disappoint. The silicone material will get your precious Apple AirPods Pro through anything, including hard drops and knocks on surfaces. It comes with a ring so you won’t accidentally drop it, and a carabiner for affixing to your backpack, purse or briefcase. Trust us, your case will be unique!

5. Super Hero Silicone

This is a Superhero Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

The superhero silicone case is here to save the day. It protects your precious investment from everyday bad guys- scratches, knocks, and bumps that deform or damage your AirPods Pro. Plus, you can choose to identify with your favorite superhero, be it Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and even Hello Kitty!

High-quality silicone won’t fade anytime soon, even when exposed to bright sunlight. Installation only takes a couple of seconds, and you won’t have to remove the case to charge your Apple AirPods Pro battery. As an everyday driver, the case works well and gives your AirPods Pro more visibility compared to a plain white color.

6. PU Leather

AirPods Pro case leather

Looking for a style that transcends time? Leather is always stylish no matter the decade and the occasion, and wrapping up your AirPods Pro with it is always a good idea.

You can choose from light brown, dark brown, black or red leather depending on your preference and protect your Apple AirPods Pro 24/7, 365 days a year. The case leather material won’t easily fade and add sophistication to an already-innovative product from Apple.

This case is also comfortable in hands due to the high-quality leather used.

Attach a carabiner and you can have the case hang on your jeans, bag or backpack. Charging is seamless, thanks to precision cut holes on the LED indicator and the charging port.

7. Marvel Silicone

This is Marvel Silicone Case for AirPods Pro

The marvel silicone case brings to life your favorite heroes, replete with useful accessories that provide plenty of function and feature. Currently, you can choose between Batman or Spiderman, with each character having his own set of mini accessories.

In case you are a marvel fan and already have a case cover for your iPhone, you may want to consider buying this case.

The rubberized logo emblazoned at the front of the case complements the mini-figure and color scheme. The new skin for your Apple AirPods Pro will make it an instant conversation starter no matter where you are. The bells, straps, and carabiners are a nice touch.

But that’s not all. The silicone material stops scratches and bumps from marring your AirPods Pro. Get this case today!

8. Cute 3D Silicone

This is a Cute 3D Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

Tired of seeing the same boring white color of your Apple AirPods Pro? Liven it up with a 3D representation of your favorite characters!

The selection varies and will be sure to tickle your fancy. You can choose Mickey or Minnie Mouse, toons from How to Train Your Dragon, Lilo & Stitch and Monsters Inc., among others. There’s even a Pokeball if you’re a fan of the show or game.

The 3D case wraps up your AirPods Pro and keeps it from being bruised, knocked or scratched on everyday use. You won’t have to worry about your AirPods getting damaged and enjoy a unique case skin too!

9. Ouhaobin Silicone

AirPods Pro case protector

Ouhaobin silicone case comes in bright pastel colors and a few nifty features. You can envelop your Apple AirPods Pro in purple, green, pink, red and a few other hues depending on your design preference.

The case offers superior protection for your latest wireless earbuds investment. The anti-slip bars on the sides make it easy to grasp the case without fumbling and dropping on the floor. Precise cutouts make charging easy and seamless.

The silicone material is environmental-friendly, soft and doesn’t deform over time. It’s designed not to slip or slide out the case and protect your earbuds from everyday wear and tear.

10. Transparent Hard PC

This is a Cute Transparent Hard PC Protective case cover for the AirPods Pro.

Make your AirPods Pro your very own with a hard PC cover that sports a cute doodle. The transparent material preserves the classic white Apple look and accentuates the drawing out front.

Choose from pictures, e.g., a dinosaur, a dog a cactus or words and gain the convenience of being able to throw your Apple AirPods Pro in your purse or bag and not worry about it getting tangled up with your keys, smartphone, and coins.

Best of all, this case lends added grip and has cut-outs for charging and for the light indicator. It’s truly an excellent buy!

11. Ultra-Thin Silicone

AirPods Pro case cute

The ultra-thin silicone case gives you an unsurpassed level of protection without adding to the bulk. You can choose from several color combinations, including light- and dark-colored tones such as Pink and White, Blue and Gray or solid Purple or Black.

Installing the ultra-thin case for your Apple AirPods Pro is super easy to fit, and it only takes a minute. The product comes with a convenient keyring so you can attach your AirPods to your bag and not worry about losing it. Premium silicone stops shocks, drops, and bumps dead in its tracks so you can use your AirPods Pro for a long time!

12. Shockproof Silicone

This is a Silicone Shockproof case for the AirPods Pro.

Get comprehensive protection for your newly-acquired AirPods Pro by buying the Silicone Shockproof Case. You get full 360-degree protection from the elements and everyday bumps and scratches with a great looking product.

Featuring a .8mm slim edge material and color options such as green, blue, red, purple and orange, the case is anti-drop and scratch-resistant and supports wireless charging, to boot. Wired charging is seamless and you can easily see the LED charge indicator for the ultimate convenience.

Add bright color to your Apple AirPods Pro with the silicone shockproof case. You may like it so much that you’ll get more than one!

13. Genuine Leather

This is a Genuine Leather case for the AirPods Pro.

You’ve spent a lot of money for Apple’s AirPods Pro, and now want to protect it with a premium case cover. If this is the case, then you’ll be pleased to know that the genuine leather Case will tick all the right boxes.

The case is made of real leather material and is undeniably classy in every which way. It comes in solid color options such as black, brown, blue, red, and green. You’ll love the way it adds value to your wireless earbuds case, along with a personal touch.

It stops scrapes, dirt, and fingerprints and looks good on your AirPods Pro. What more can you ask for?

14. Pokemon

AirPods Pro case Pokemon

A 3D case is all about expressing yourself through your Apple AirPod Pro, and for that the LoveRony 3D Silicone Case delivers. There’s many awesome designs you can choose from- fancy a mini Nintendo Switch, Pokemon or the cutest avocado you’ve ever seen? It’s all here.

Pop the head of the 3D character and you’ll be able to access your AirPods Pro. The case is versatile enough for everyday use as you commute to work, school or work out at the gym. Soft silicone works great as a cushion for impacts, knocks and the occasional scrapes on sharp or hard objects.

15. JINSERTA Leather

This is the JINSERTA Leather case for the AirPods Pro.

The JINSERTA leather case turns your AirPods Pro into a stylish mini-wallet lookalike with an additional feature. A snap button secures your wireless earbuds and gives you easy, one-handed access.

The product includes an anti-lost buckle that can be attached to your backpack, purse or any part of your clothing or gear. You won’t have to spend time wondering where you put your Apple earbuds ever again!

A bottom cutout allows for charging without having to remove the case. As far as leather material is concerned, your Apple AirPods Pro and its case will be safe from scratches, knocks and even drops from considerable heights.

If you own a leather case for your iPhone, well this is the case you may want to consider. This case is currently trending in 2019.

16. Solid Soft Silicone

AirPods Pro case cover

The solid soft silicone case is an accurate, 1:1 ratio for the Apple AirPods Pro, which means you get a perfect fit each and every time. At only 1.2mm thickness, you won’t ever feel like adding on the weight when you fit the case on your AirPods Pro.

Want to personalize your AirPods to your taste? You can choose from soft pastel colors such as Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue and more depending on your mood, outfit or style.

The case is wireless charging compatible, which means you can lay the AirPods Pro with the case on top and it should start charging!

17. Silicone Case with Anti Lost Buckle

AirPods Pro case amazon

The silicone case with anti-lost buckle sports a neat AirPods Pro icon on the front, with the notification light for charging right in the middle. It does an excellent job of keeping smudges, fingerprints and accidental knocks and scrapes from damaging the beautiful facade of your Apple AirPods Pro.

The product gets a complement of colors, even uncommon ones such as pale yellow, rose red, mint and light blue. What’s more, you’ll love the free carabiner that comes with the case as you’ll be able to fasten your AirPods Pro to almost anything you can think of.

18. Original Candy

This is a Original Candy case for the AirPods Pro.

Candy-colored cases are eye-catching and they lend an element of protection for your AirPods Pro. The hardcover aspect acts like an armor that shakes off everyday wear and tears and withstands daily punishment. The matte material is naturally anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint and won’t fade soon.

A cutout at the bottom allows for wired charging at the utmost convenience. Now, you won’t have to look for your earbuds in a sea of white as you can get it in gray, yellow, pink or dark green color. You’ll be sure that the original candy case will last as long as your Apple AirPods Pro, maybe even longer!

19. Cartoon Silicone

This is Cartoon Silicone case.

The cartoon silicone cases feature drawings from your most favorite TV shows and movies in an elegant white background. For the ladies, you can get a brightly-dressed fairy, a flower in full bloom or Minnie and Mickey Mouse, among others.

High-quality silicone ensures that the print won’t rub or wear out anytime soon. The AirPod Pro case is perfectly modeled against the original AirPods Pro mold so the device won’t ever slip out.

Smart designs provide easy access to the earbuds opening and ports. The Cartoon case covers come with its own ring strap for added security and carrying convenience.

20. Caletop Pro Silicone

This is the Caletop Pro Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

It’s sleek, cool and sourced from quality materials. The Caletop Pro silicone cases boasts reinforced protection compared to other cases out there. First, the case covers won’t crack or disintegrate, even when exposed to outdoor elements. It’s impact-resistant, dust-free and wards off unwanted scratches from coins, keys, and sharp items.

Wireless charge users, rejoice! The Caletop Pro silicone case covers support both wired and wireless charging, which means you can place your Apple AirPods Pro on top of the charging plate and it should juice up right away. A dust-proof plug over the charge port keeps the insides neat and clean.

21. Matte Silicone

This is Matte Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

Matte is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a no-frills material for your Apple AirPods Pro. The matte silicone cases are washable and provide complete, 360-degree protection from the usual bumps, shocks and fall to the pavement.

The matte silicone case features precise cutouts at the bottom, and accurate molding so your case will fit right in without becoming loose and slipping out.

You can get the case covers in ivory, red, green, black, and purple depending on your preference. Case got dirt from the last trip? No problem- simply wash it and it will look brand new again!

22. Clear Transparent

This is a Transparent Clear case for the AirPods Pro.

Give your newest AirPods Pro that bare look protection with the transparent clear case. It comes in two parts- the top and bottom, with each piece fitting your Apple AirPods in an exact 1:1 ratio. The cover is so clear and thin that you won’t even notice it’s there!

The bottom port has a precise hole for charging your AirPods Pro. The case’s soft material keeps dirt, smudges, scrapes and other kinds of physical damage out.

Moreover, the sides sport anti-slip bars so your device won’t accidentally fall out of your hands. It’s sourced from environmentally-friendly material, too.

23. Sports Soft

This is a Sports Soft case.

Take away the AirPods Pro rounded shape and what will you get? An unassuming box that can be anything. It’s a great deterrent as people will often pass it off as a cute container or design for your bag or purse.

The sports soft case opens up easily with the visible line and reveals your AirPods Pro inside. The shape is easier to grasp and minimizes the chances of your precious case falling to the ground.

There’s also a small ring at the side for hooking a carabiner or anti-lost strap. In any event, your AirPods Pro will be safe and sound.

24. Clear Funny Case

This is a Clear Funny case cover.

The ultra-thin, ultra-clear profile of the clear funny case covers goes great with the latest generation Apple AirPods Pro. You also get a witty print out front, ranging from sassy one-liners to inspirational messages that are sure to brighten your day.

The hard PC case fits snugly and won’t let your AirPods Pro slip out in inopportune times. Flip the upper lid and you’ll be able to get your AirPods Pro for the wireless audio experience. Wireless charging is also supported if you have a Qi pad.

25. Street Trend

This is Street Trend Case.

They’re trendy, transparent and do an excellent job of protecting your newest investment from scrapes, bumps, and drops.

Upfront, they’re eye-catching and sport a few design variations for the discerning consumer. The street trend case covers come in with a number or a picture emblazoned so you can express your individual style.

The hard case cover has a hook for anti-lost protection, ensuring you’ll always be able to find your Apple AirPods Pro when needed. Installing is just a matter of slipping the device and forgetting it was ever there.

The texture feels great in your hand whenever you take your AirPods out for a spin.

26. Glitter Bling Diamond

This is a Glitter Bling Diamond case for the AirPods Pro.

Give your AirPods Pro the love it deserves by completely covering it with glittering diamonds. The glitter bling diamond cases come in rose gold, black or silver which can match your bag, outfit or attire.

It’s sure to capture the light and everyone’s attention the moment you take your AirPods Pro out to listen to music, podcasts or shows.

Despite all that bling, the case is functional and provides a tight fit. There’s a cutout at the bottom for charging purposes. You won’t have to worry about damaging your newest device as the diamond case stops shocks, bruises and falls to the pavement.

27. Cute Fruits

This is a Cute Fruit case.

The cute fruit cases are whimsical, colorful and absolutely adorable. You can choose from various skins, including a strawberry, an avocado or a pink peach. Your friends will go wild over the design and want one for themselves when you bring your Apple AirPods Pro out!

The product comes with a matching finger ring for safety and anti-lost aspects. A tiny hole at the bottom allows for wired charging without having to remove the case.

Best of all, the cute fruit case covers will save your precious wireless earbuds from daily punishment, including scrapes against hard objects and from dirt and smudges.

28. Fringed Leather

This is a Fringed Leather case cover for the AirPods Pro.

The fringed leather case covers lend a unique look and feels to your AirPods Pro. Aside from the leather cover that adorns your case, there are fringes to add character and style to your favorite accessory.

Choose from color options such as yellow, wine red, sea blue and more depending on your preference.

A snap metal button secures your case and stops it from falling out. Leather is naturally anti-fingerprint, smudge, and waterproof, all of which are beneficial for your Apple AirPods Pro. A precision cutout makes charging a painless affair.

An anti-lost key-chain readily secures your AirPods Pro on your bag, backpack or briefcase.

29. Luxury Silicone

AirPods Pro case luxury

Ordinary cases are a dime a dozen, but a silicone luxury case covers make your Apple AirPods Pro truly stand out.

Featuring high-quality silicone material and an attached keychain that’s full of color, glitter and small items which transforms the plain white case into a conversation starter.

The ultra-thin aspect of the case adds zero weight and shakes off everyday punishment such as bumps, knocks and hard falls.

A small flap opens up to reveal the charging port for when you need to juice up your earbuds. The silicone luxury case is both stylish and functional at the same time.

30. Super-Cute

This is a Super Cute case.

The super cute case will make you smile every time you take out your AirPods Pro for a spin. You can choose between a cute black blob with googly eyes or around smiling pig, complete with cute ears at the top!

It’s not just all about the cuteness, though. The case feels wonderful to the touch, and it doesn’t collect dirt, smudges, and fingerprints. The lightweight material is super durable and provides full-body protection for your AirPods Pro.

You can go about your day and not worry about accidental drops, bumps, and scratches from marring the surface of your Apple product.

31. Gaming Protective

This is a Gaming Protective case for the AirPods Pro.

Show off your favorite hobby or pastime to the world with the awesome gaming protective Case. There’s a lot of game-related varieties to choose from, including a Pokeball, an Xbox controller, a Nintendo Switch console and a few other famous icons.

The case is molded and brushed so that the design won’t come off or fade over time. A carabiner or anti-lost strap can be affixed to your bag or backpack, which makes the case a fashion statement.

Precise cutouts for the charging make it more convenient for the user. If you want a fine balance between protection and design, get this!

32. Lucky Cute Cat

This is a Lucky Cat Pro case.

Turn your Apple AirPods Pro into a lucky charm with the lucky cat case. You get to choose from Lucky Red, White, Black or Brown depending on what you want.

The lucky cat’s head swivels to reveal the lid and your AirPods Pro.

You can put the case on top of your desk or nightstand and lend a nice atmosphere to it. Soft silicone material acts as a cover for smudges, fingerprints, and scratches that could arise from contact with your keys, coins or mobile.

The product comes with a matching keyring that’s as cute as the case!

33. Wallet Style Leather

This is a Wallet Style Leather case for the AirPods Pro.

Secure your precious AirPods Pro with an elegant, handmade leather case that effectively makes it appear like a wallet.

The wallet style leather case will make a great companion for your new AirPods Pro when you’re on the road or an outdoor adventure with friends or family.

A lanyard is included with the case for easy affixing to your pack or purse. Choose from black, gentleman brown and pink, each one as stylish as the last.

The inside material is lined with felt so your AirPods Pro won’t get scratched. The top secures via a magnetic latch for one-handed access anytime, anywhere.

34. Off White

off white airpods pro case

The creative black and white stripes “Off white” case is classic, chic and looks great on almost anything, including your latest generation Apple AirPods Pro. The unassuming rectangular shape adds a stealth mode to your wireless earbuds and out of harm’s way.

The addition of a notch for attaching a lanyard, anti-lost strap or carabiner is a welcome plus, as is the bottom cutout for charging the AirPods Pro with the case. It’s shock-proof and can keep your precious AirPods Pro from drops of up to several feet.

Moreover, the black & white case can keep your Apple AirPods Pro in pristine condition even as you go about your daily routine.

35. Retro Genuine

This is a Retro Genuine case for the AirPods Pro.

Classic styles never go out of trend, and for this reason, the retro genuine case is always a great buy. It’s unobtrusive and can be fitted on your jeans or pants via the included swivel clip key chain.

Strap it on your bag and you can enjoy wireless earbud music anytime you want!

The case supports wireless charging and has a bottom cut-out for wired charging. A metal snap secures your AirPods Pro in place, while a Bluetooth cut-out shows the LED indicator and tells you when the AirPods is in use or charging. The vintage business look works really well.

While prices are very high for this case, iLounge has a special deal put on place for this case. It currently beats any seller’s price. This case has been trending in 2019 as well.

36. Super-Cute 3D Silicone

This is Super Cute 3D Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

The cutest cases for your Apple AirPods Pro are now here! Turn your AirPod Pro’s case into a cookie, a shopping bag, a confused whale, a camera or a biscuit and let the comments fly whenever you take your earbuds out for a spin.

The silicone printed material adds a level of durability for your case, making it all but impervious to everyday shocks, drops and the like. You also get a keychain for securing your case to your mobile, bag or backpack.

Each super cute 3D silicone case has a cutout at the bottom for charging. It’s fun, colorful and stylish!

37. Smiling Glitter Star

This is a Smiling Glitter Star case.

The smiling glitter star cases offer a unique way to wrap up your newest AirPods Pro. Cartoon characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mike and Sully are transformed into a case, complete with a wide, glittery smile.

It comes with a matching keychain to compliment the color and allow you to fasten it to your favorite bag.

The case makes for a nice design that separates your device from the others. It can also keep away bruises, bumps, scratches and the occasional fall to the floor in a pinch. Underneath is an opening so you can charge the Apple AirPods Pro battery as easily as without.

38. Cute Puppy

This is a Cute Puppy Protective case for the AirPods Pro.

Love fluffy puppies and want them on everything, including your newly bought AirPods Pro? You’ll definitely want the cute puppy protective case.

The knitted material is a definite departure for the norm but it still does an excellent job of keeping your earbuds and case away from the elements.

You can choose the color of your dog’s hat to personalize it even further. The chin reveals a charging port for added convenience.

At first glance, the case doesn’t look like an AirPods Pro, but flip the dog’s hat and voila! an opening where you can take out or put your wireless earbuds in.

39. Pouch Bag

AirPods Pro case best buy

Preserve the original look and feel of your AirPods Pro and case and get a classy pouch bag case in Gold, White or Black.

As an added bonus, you can fit in an extra pair of wired earbuds just in case you run out of juice in the middle of an awesome playlist.

The sheep leather material has impeccable stitching just below the magnetic enclosure. It can comfortably fit your Apple AirPods Pro and protect it from bumps and external items.

Moreover, it can keep out dust and it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your earbuds getting drenched.

40. VOZRO Cartoon

This is a VOZRO Cartoon case.

How adorable would it be if an emo bear were to adorn the front of your AirPods Pro case? You won’t have to imagine, because the VOZRO Cartoon case is now available to buy.

Choose from five different colors and you get a mini-bear version keychain that matches the case skin which adds to that overall ‘aww’ factor.

The top part detaches easily and can come in handy if you’re looking to remove the dust and gunk inside the case.

There’s a special hole at the case’s bottom to charge up your Apple AirPods Pro with. Overall, it’s a great buy!

41. Waterproof Soft Silicone

AirPods Pro case waterproof

The waterproof soft silicone case isn’t your ordinary case- it’s sleek, soft to the touch and looks great no matter where you put it. Sporting a unibody design that’s fully waterproof, it saves your device from everyday spills and splashes.

The attached carabiner can be fixed to your pants or to your backpack for easy access. The case comes in your favorite color to complement your fashion preference and style.

Once wrapped in the soft silicone skin, you won’t have to worry about damaging your newest Apple product during accidental water drops and untimely shocks ever again! In 2019, this is one of the best waterproof cases available.

42. 3D Cute Cartoons

This is a 3D Cute Cartoon case.

3D cases for your AirPods Pro are popular, and with good reason. They can make your AirPods Pro look like your favorite toon and can act as a fashion statement, to boot.

If you love Pokemon, Donald Duck, Snorlax, a Shiba Inu or Mickey and Minnie Mouse, then you’ll want to buy one of these!

Flip the soft case open up and the AirPods Pro will be revealed. Smart design gives you access to the charging port 24/7. The included finger strap secures your AirPod Pro’s case and keeps your device safe and sound. Overall, good value for money!

43. Multi-Colored Leather

This is Multi-Colored Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Want a matching mini leather bag for your purse or backpack? No sweat- the multi-colored leather case fits the description perfectly.

Plus, it comes in your favorite color, e.g., dark red, brown, black, tan and more and looks amazing no matter the hue.

A built-in ring makes it easy to secure the case (and your Apple AirPods Pro) so it won’t get misplaced. A snap button puts the AirPod Pro case in place so you can enjoy your tunes without worry.

Reinforced stitching adds to the overall durability and keeps your AirPods Pro safe and sound as you go about your day.

44. Silicone Box

This is a Silicone Box case.

Double the fun with a silicone box case to adorn your newest AirPods Pro. It features a durable, no-fade silicone case that’s in your favorite color and a cartoon character in the front.

Fancy a blue case with Stitch greeting you each time you use your AirPods Pro? How about a white case with Boo of Monster’s Inc. in front? You decide!

A keychain and carabiner are included so you won’t lose your newest investment easily. The material can take a beating from daily knocks, scrapes, and bruises of use. At the end of the day, you can look forward to listening to your favorite tunes!

Since this case is also on sale, you would save a lot from its original price.

45. Little Dinosaur

This is Little Dinosaur Case for AirPods Pro

The cutest, tiniest dinosaurs can protect your AirPods Pro from harm when you get the little dinosaur case in pink or green. Watch the dinosaur roar and voila! You can get your Apple AirPods Pro and enjoy listening to your favorite music, podcast, and videos.

The silicone material feels amazing to touch and won’t slip out of your hands. The precise 1:1 ratio ensures a snug fit each and every time.

Your new generation Apple AirPods will be protected in your bag against coins, keys, and other sharp or metallic objects. Best of all, it can act as an impromptu desk display!

46. 3D Star

This is a 3D Star case.

Love sailor moon to bits and want to show it to the world? The 3D star case is a must-buy. The egg-shaped case will be transformed into the cutest circular-shaped AirPods skin that features a bright star at the front and wings on the side.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll also get a key ring that matches the color and motif of the Apple AirPods Pro skin.

In terms of protection, you can rely on the 3D star case to get the job done. The soft silicone material is surprisingly durable and can shake off the occasional drop to the floor.

47. Silicone 3D Cartoon

This is a Silicone 3D Cartoon case for the AirPods Pro.

Cartoons are instant crowd-pleasers and never go out of style. The silicone 3D cartoon case features popular toons such as Tigger, Stitch, Dumbo, and Mike, replete with ears, hat, and horns.

If that’s not your style, you can get the unique fruit-shaped case with liquid glitter out front.

The case is big enough to accommodate your AirPods Pro and a few other daily accessories, such as bills, wired earphones, makeup and credit card.

The durability is top-notch and can protect all your things from dust, smudges and falls to the pavement. Ditch your wallet at home and bring this instead!

48. Pepe Frog

This is a Pepe Frog Silicone case.

Pepe the frog is a popular meme, and you can bring on your meme game with the Pepe frog silicone case.

The lovable frog is fully represented in silicone material, which acts as a shield for your Apple AirPods Pro. It can withstand shocks, bumps and the occasional drop the pavement.

The Pepe frog silicone case may be quirky, but it’s a great conversation starter, especially for those who know him (or her?).

The bottom port opens up so you can charge up your device anytime you want. There’s also a small loop on the side for anti-lost straps and carabiners.

49. Anti-drop Silicone

This is a Anti-drop Silicone case for the AirPods Pro.

This case is specially designed to fit every curve of your case, eliminating slippage and having to take it out to charge the Apple case. There’s a key-ring included so it won’t slip out your hands while operating the device.

All come in a slim and smoother look. You’ll be spoiled for choices that you’ll want them all. For sure, this case should last for a lifetime due to its high-quality material.

Take your pick from various colors, such as purple, dark grey, light pink, shining red, etc.

50. Funny Nostrils Pattern

This is a Funny Nostrils Pattern case.

How about something funny for a change? A transparent case accentuates the printed design in the front of the funny nostrils pattern case. Your friends will laugh out loud and will want to get one the moment you bring your AirPods Pro out.

You can choose from quirky designs such as a dinosaur, a pig, a person and a cartoon print of Tom or Jerry, Garfield and aliens.

Being made of hard material, it can survive a drop from a considerable height and shield your precious Apple AirPods Pro in the process. It’s a must-have for those who have a sense of humor.

What makes these the best AirPods Pro cases?

We did some research over the web and listed the best selling cases for the new generation Apple AirPods Pro. Based on the number of units sold around the world, we thought to compile and share them with our readers here at iLounge.

Since we at iLounge are reselling these cases, many of them are up for sales. So compared to Amazon and Best Buy, you would save a lot at iLounge with the discount. Such deals are always running on these cases on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other sale event.

Buying the best AirPods Pro case makes the perfect gift

Yup! If you are to buy the all-new AirPods Pro for a loved one this valentines day, Christmas, new year or a birthday, you may also want to consider buying a case for it.

By spending an additional $20, you could save the gifted AirPods Pro in case they drop it right after opening the box.

Is it worth using an AirPods Pro case?

The question comes down to how much you actually really care for your AirPods Pro. Some people might be rich enough to buy a new pair. If you cannot afford a new one, then surely its worth protecting it.

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