Apple’s newest iPad Air was made to fit between the iPad and the iPad Pro. The 10.5-inch wonder now has the A12 Bionic chip and supports the original Apple Pencil for unparalleled multitasking on the go.

Best iPad Air 2019 Keyboard Cases

By itself, the 2019 iPad Air is an excellent device you can use for everyday tasks, such as browsing the web, going on social media, watching YouTube or Netflix and playing games. But when you add an iPad Air keyboard case, your newest iPad Air 2019 transforms into a powerhouse.

You’ll need an excellent iPad Air 3 keyboard case combo to really make your tablet shine. Thankfully, we’ve sifted through hundreds of keyboard case for iPad Air 2019 to bring you the best keyboard cases you can buy today. Any of our chosen iPad Air 3 cases listed here should work great with your newest iPad investment.

Here are the best iPad Air 2019 keyboard cases

1. The Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 2019

At $159, the Smart Keyboard by Apple is quite pricey for most consumers. But as with all Apple products, you really get what you pay for in terms of build quality and durability.

The keyboard case looks like a natural extension of the iPad Air 2019. You won’t believe that it’s a full-size keyboard until you lay it out and start typing. Speaking of which, the keys look great, provide an outstanding tactile feel and is ultra responsive, to boot. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a 3rd party keyboard case manufacturer who offers the same typing experience as the Apple Smart Keyboard has.

Connecting is a one-and-done affair using the Smart Connector. As a case, you won’t find any fault with this keyboard cover by Apple. It’s stylish, looks great and the material is both slim and lightweight at the same time. The iPad Air 3 case hugs the right corners while protecting your device from everyday wear and tear, including the occasional scuffs and knocks.

Apple’s offering is a great, full-size keyboard that connects easily without the need for a Bluetooth connection. The price tag is worth every penny as it offers premium typing and protection from daily knocks and scratches.

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2. Arteck

Arteck 10.5-inch iPad Air 2019 Keyboard Case

Arteck Apple iPad Air keyboard with full protection case will appeal to budget-minded consumers for several reasons.

It has the standard Mac keyboard layout which should make you instantly feel at home if you’ve used Apple-based keyboards all your life. The keys themselves are a bit bigger, translating to a more relaxed typing experience. Instead of the usual swivel or folding mechanism, you get a magnetic attachment style that transforms your iPad Air 3 into a versatile 2-in-1 laptop. The protective case and keyboard can come off separately so you can use them individually.

Arteck claims that a single full charge can last more than a hundred hours, and it only takes two hours to get it to 100%. For $20.99, the protective keyboard case has some great bells and whistles such as the Sleep/Wake feature, a 2-year product warranty, and anti-bump and anti-scratch properties.

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3. MoKo

MoKo Keyboard Case for 10.5-inch iPad Air 2019

MoKo cases are specially designed for Apple products such as the iPad Air 3. When you need an iPad Air 2019 keyboard case that’s a good balance of style, sophistication, and functionality, get this product and you’ll see what we mean.

Outside, the premium leather design will be a complementary fit for your newest iPad Air 3. You can choose from Solid Black, Purple or have your Apple device adorned with Van Gogh’s Starry Night for a few more dollars. Moko’s keyboard case has a trifecta of feature that prevents drops, key pokes, and scratches from hard objects with its soft lining and PC back-shell.

Inside, you get treated to a convenient Wake/Sleep function whenever you flip the lid open or close it shut. The case’s removable Bluetooth keyboard is tactile and feels nice to the touch. It’s slim, has ultra-thin keys and comes with its own rechargeable battery. The stand allows users to position their iPad Air 3 in a variety of angles for doing stuff, i.e., composing or reading emails or spending some FaceTime with friends or family.

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4. Infiland

Infiland 10.5-inch iPad Air 2019 Keyboard Case

Always out and about in unforgiving environments and need the toughest iPad Air 3 keyboard available? The 2019 keyboard case and shell stand cover by Infiland can give you ultimate peace of mind knowing that your latest investment will be protected from even the most bone-chilling drops, spills, knocks, and scratches. The premium leather material and solid case combo is stylish and comes in either classic Black or Navy Blue.

The keyboard is nothing to scoff at either. The laptop-style keys are made of premium ABS material, which means they’re made to last through several million presses. A spring mechanism hides underneath and offers a rapid, tactile typing experience. You can detach the keyboard and have a simple shell case for everyday use, such as browsing, watching videos and going on social media.

Infiland is so confident of their products that they offer a 12-month guarantee for everyone who buys the Apple iPad Air 2019 keyboard cover. Overall, the quality is top-notch and made to last.

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