Best iPad Mini 5 Cases in 2020


The best iPad Mini 5 cases of 2019 are those that make your beautiful iPad Mini even more stunning!

iPad Mini 5 Case

Looking for a vintage cover that oozes style? Or how about a snazzy, colorful case that brightens your day? No matter your preference, there’s a variety of great iPad Mini 5 cases.

The newest iPad Mini is the smallest member of the 2019 iPad lineup. The 7.9-inch model sports a powerful A12 Bionic chip and advanced Retina display, which makes it the perfect device for your everyday needs.

Basic photo editing with Apple Pencil? Check. Work on a document or email? Check. Relax on social media and watch your favorite shows? The iPad Mini 2019 can do all that, and more.

If you already have the iPad Mini 5, chances are that you need a suitable companion that can protect your investment. Well, fear not because we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best iPad Mini 5 cases

1. Ztotop

Ztotop iPad Mini 5 Case

Ztotop’s folio case for the iPad Mini 5 is a marvel to behold. There’s nary a stitch out of place on the smooth leather exterior, which says a lot about the product’s craftsmanship.

Inside, an anti-slip lining holds your littlest iPad in place without causing bumps or scratches. Ztotop has made it so that you can position your iPad Mini in a variety of ways, e.g., for watching, reading a document and others.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a mini-organizer that can hold a few cards, ID or small paper documents in place. When not in use, an elastic strap binds the cover snugly in place and prevents unwanted damage as you go about your day.

2. Apple Smart Cover

iPad Mini 5 Case by Apple

The Apple Smart Cover is probably the most expensive iPad Mini 5 case in our list. But when you need nothing but the best original case for your Apple device, then you’d better cough up the money because it’s worth every cent.

The OEM product is created from a single polyurethane piece, crafted to mold to the iPad Mini 5’s every curve, angle, and buttons. The ‘smart’ functionality refers to the case’s ability to automatically put your iPad to sleep when you close the lid and wake it up when you open it.

The ridges at the front offer multiple viewing angles for typing, media consumption, and whatnot. You can choose from multiple color options, including White, Charcoal Gray, Pink Sand or Papaya.

3. Urban Premium by ESR

Urban Premium Case for iPad Mini 5

Urban premium is the exact words we’d choose when asked to describe the iPad Mini 5 case made by ESR. The standout feature is no doubt the knitted textile weave that smothers the Oxford material. An inner PC case protects your newest tablet from daily bumps and wear and tear.

Anti-slip grooves give you convenient viewing options, while the auto wake/sleep function saves on the battery when not in use.

4. ESR Yippee

ESR Yippee Case for iPad Mini 5

Need a no-frills protective case that gives you access to your iPad Mini 5’s screen anytime? The Yippee may be just what you’re looking for.

This iPad Mini 5 case provides near-invisible protection via a clear and durable polyurethane material. An inner shell made of soft microfiber gives your ultra-portable device the TLC it needs without the scuffs and case marks.

The grippy material makes holding your iPad Mini 5 more secure. Precision cutouts give you 100% access to the power and volume buttons. The Yippee offers protection without bulking up your Mini.

5. Snugg

iPad Mini 5 Snugg Case

If the idea of an iPad Mini 5 case with a keyboard appeals to you, then you should probably get this excellent keyboard case from Snugg. The sturdy build and 360-degree rotating design adds a level of flexibility without compromising on protection.

The low-profile keys provide great tactile feedback, and it won’t be long before you’re comfortable typing out emails, messages to friends or posting on social media. Multi-angle adjustments can prop your iPad Mini 5 to the best position for work, productivity or consuming media.

Snugg claims that their keyboards can last a long time on a single charge. It’s a great value buy for added productivity.

6. Avidet

Avidet iPad Mini 5 Case

Avidet’s iPad Mini 5 case caters to those who appreciate the Mini’s ultra-slim, lightweight form. It’s a product that barely covers up your Apple tablet just so that it won’t get scratched or bruised from everyday use.

The soft and durable PU leather provides 360-degree overall protection with top-notch, form-fitting design. The cut-outs allow for unprecedented access to the Mini’s buttons and Lightning port. Each purchase comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

7. Veco

Veco Case for iPad Mini 5

An aesthetically-pleasing denim look can give your new iPad Mini 5 the color it needs to stand out from the crowd. Or if you’re art-inclined, choose from Summer Beach, Starry Night or Lucky Tree to get that wonderful, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Veco has added industry-standard features to their accessories, including anti-sweat, anti-slip and scratch-resistant properties for all-around iPad Mini protection. The stylish PU leather shields your device from drops, bumps, and shocks while a microfiber interior cushions your Mini comfortably.


iPad Mini 5 Cases by DTTO with Premium Leather

DTTO is undisputed when it comes to premium leather cases for the newest iPad Mini. Their latest product combines protective iPad Mini features with multi-purpose design in the form of a daily organizer.

There’s an organizer pocket, a pencil holder and a hand strap for carrying essentials such as credit cards, business cards, and a pen or the Apple Pencil. You can ditch your wallet and put everything you need, including currency notes and your ID inside this multi-function accessory.

Inside grooves in the inner TPU allow for several viewing angles, including typing, FaceTime calling and watching videos.

9. Hocase

Premium Case for iPad Mini 5 by Hocase

When looks are a premium for you and your new iPad Mini 5, you can’t go wrong with Hocase.

Smart features meet exquisitely beautiful floral designs that can spark conversations and comments from friends and family or colleagues. Durable polyurethane material ensures that the mandala patterns will be good as new a year or two down the line.

Meanwhile, a microfiber lining on the inside cushions your iPad Mini 5 from the daily stresses of life, including accidental drops, bumps, and whatnot.


iPad Mini 5 Case by JUQITECH

Though the iPad Mini 5 isn’t prone to heating up, power users can choose the right case that can accommodate their use of Apple’s smallest tablet.

Your latest iPad Mini will now be able to take a beating and keep on working, thanks to the innovative heat-dissipation technology from JUQITECH. You’ll be able to multi-task, game and watch videos and movies all day long without worrying about the Mini’s internal hardware becoming hot. Accessing the Mini’s buttons, camera, speakers and charging port won’t be a problem due to the cut-outs within the case.

It even has a slot where you can place a pen or your Apple Pencil on. Gamers and heavy users will certainly appreciate having JUQITECH’s protective case taking care of their iPad Mini 5 24/7.

11. TiMOVO

Cover Case for iPad Mini 5 By TiMOVO

TiMOVO offers a translucent cover for the latest iPad Mini 2019 and several color options, to boot. Choose from Yellow, Red, Blue, Rose Gold or Purple to fit you or your kid’s style preference.

The slim and soft case works when you don’t want everyday scratches, bumps and drops to affect the way your Mini looks. The Tri-Fold technology provides an absolutely stable way to prop your iPad Mini 5 several ways.

Last but not the least, you get the auto wake and sleep function on the case’s smart cover.

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