Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protectors in 2020


Loving your newest 2019 iPad Mini and want the best protection for it? Pair up your device with the best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors that we listed in this article. These aren’t just any screen protectors- you will need a high quality tempered glass screen guard to ward off scratches that will otherwise mar your iPad Mini 5’s pristine, crystal-clear screen.

Best iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector

With that in mind, here are the 7 best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors of 2019. When you get these iPad Mini 5 screen guards you can expect your latest investment to last a long, long time.

Here are the best screen protectors for iPad Mini 5


Avidet Screen Protector for iPad Mini 5

Avidet is a solid choice if you’re looking for a bubble-free, anti-scratch shield for your latest iPad device. The screen guard material is rated at 9H in hardness, which makes it virtually indestructible even against the most cringe-worthy accidents. The 0.3 mm profile gives your iPad Mini 5 that “barely there” look while lending an extra-premium feel.

Worried that the iPad Mini 5’s edges won’t give you the same tactile response because of the screen protection? Don’t fret- the film has a curved, 2.5D edge that perfectly hugs the curves of your newest Apple device. In short, you’ll be able to use the iPad Mini 5 for its intended purpose and keep it away from everyday bumps, smudges, drops, and scratches.

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2. Qoosea

iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector by Qoosea

Qoosea has a screen protector for the iPad Mini 5 user who needs extra toughness. The material is rated up to five times more durable and resistant to damage than ordinary glass protection. Cut-outs for the ports and the buttons are on point and allows you full access to them without any obstructions.

Putting the Qoosea on your 2019 iPad Mini means you can put the device inside your bag, backpack or pouch along with your car keys, pens and USB drives and the screen will come out unscathed. This is the screen guard to get if you value a scratch-free display above everything else.

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3. Mr. Shield

Mr Shield iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector

Mr. Shield is quite the household name when it comes to keeping Apple phones and tablets safe from harm. The Mr. Shield version for the iPad Mini 5 has that balance of thinness and hardness for ultimate protection and form. The screen material has a 9H toughness rating, and in the event that it doesn’t pass the test you can contact Mr. Shield for a replacement.

The screen guard perfectly relays the iPad Mini 5’s retina display while protecting your precious device from the usual bumps and scratches. It’s worthy to note that the manufacturer promises 99.99 percent touchscreen accuracy and HD clarity so you won’t feel like there’s a barrier at all.

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4. amFilm

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen protector for iPad Mini 5

Planning to use your 2019 iPad Mini for binge-watching Netflix, viewing YouTube videos and watching the latest blockbuster movies? You’ll need a high-quality iPad Mini 5 screen protector that has ultra-transparency so you can see all the effects, explosions and eye candy in full HD.

Thankfully, amFilm offers an unparalleled viewing experience with their screen protector for the 2019 iPad Mini. The ultra-thin material measures only 0.33mm in thickness while having a top-rated 9H in hardness. It’s highly resistant against abrasions, scratches, and stains that could ruin the display. Moreover, users get treated to the oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and smudges from forming on the surface.

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iPad Mini 5 anti-glare screen protector by IVSO

Most anti-glare screen protectors are only in label, but with IVSO, you get the real thing. The tempered glass iPad Mini 5 protector will make viewing outdoors almost the same as if you’re indoors, thanks to the 99 percent rated light transmittance and Retina display clarity. As with all the best iPad Mini 5 screen protectors, this product offers finger-to-screen touch accuracy and anti-scratch properties.

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6. Pulen

Pulen HD iPad Mini 5 Screen Protector

Pulen is a great beginner screen protector that’s easy to install, thanks to the laser-cut edges and zero-bubble technology. Users will be delighted at the oleophobic coating that keeps smudgy fingerprints and oily hands at bay.

The super-thin protector is only 0.33mm thin and translates the viewing experience quite well. The screen clarity is among the best in its class. All in all, a worthy purchase for your iPad Mini 5.

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7. JETech

JETech Screen Protector for iPad Mini 5

Don’t you hate it when your screen protector makes navigation a pain and makes you want to hurl your iPad Mini across the room?

Gamers know that response time can mean the difference between victory and defeat. While the native display screen of the newest iPad Mini offers an ultra-responsive touch experience, you’ll need the help of a premium screen protector to keep it that way.

JETech is the answer for gamers who want the best screen sensitivity and ultimate protection. You can quickly swipe, tap and switch weapons without ever feeling the screen material interfering with the gameplay. The 9H rated hardness and 0.3mm thickness keeps your iPad Mini safe from everyday wear and tear.

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There’s quite a lot to love in Apple’s newest iteration of the iPad Mini series. The iPad Mini 5 is head and shoulders above its predecessors in terms of hardware and performance. Moreover, it touts a superb 7.9-inch advanced Retina display with True Tone technology, the highest pixel density among iPads and support for Apple Pencil.

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