Best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

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By Samantha Wiley - Senior News Editor
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

The first thing you should do as soon as you’ve unwrapped that new iPhone 11 Pro Max is to browse for the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases.

No iPhone owner would want anything to happen to their latest flagship Apple phone, right? The great thing about buying the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max is that there are tons of available phone cases for it on almost any imaginable color, style or material.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

Now, you won’t have an excuse not to buy the best case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’ve done the work of compiling the absolute best of the best cases for you.

Need something that makes your iPhone 11 Pro Max stand out? How about complete, all-around protection? Or maybe you’d like to have a few cases that match your wardrobe.

Take any of our 30 best cases and enjoy free express worldwide shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

1. Jolie

This is the iPhone 11 Pro Max case by Jolie with many colors.

Your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s case should be a natural extension of your brand-new phone. Jolie’s Soft Gel Rubber case is waterproof and provides a snug fit that makes it feel like a second skin. It’s soft and very comfortable to hold, even during extended use and videogame sessions.

Raised cover shields your iPhone’s edges and rear camera array from unwanted surface scratching and bumps. You also get access to your mobile’s charging port, volume and power buttons whenever you need.

2. Hadinas

This is a transparent iPhone 11 Pro Max case by Hadinas.

This iPhone 11 Pro Max case from Hadinas gives a semi-invisible protection and shows off the full hardware charm of your newest iPhone model, to boot. It’s transparent, ultra clear and tough enough to handle everyday wear and tear.

You won’t have to worry your phone edges and cameras getting scratched, thanks to the .02 inch raised profile on the edge and rear camera. That being said, you can impress your friends, co-workers and family with your latest investment and without the cover getting in the way.

3. Torubia

This is a silicone case by Torubia for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Fancy a candy colored pastel soft cover case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? This TPU cover by Torubia has them in various shades, including Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue, among others.

The case’s elastic and soft shell offers a quick way to get your phone in and out in just a few seconds. Inside is a velvet material that cushions and embraces your newest iPhone investment. It’s so thin and light that it won’t add any weight to your smartphone at all.

4. Y-Ta

This is a honeycomb style iPhone 11 Pro Max case by the company named Y-Ta.

Give your iPhone 11 Pro Max that Aliens vibe by wrapping it with the hybrid TPU and PC Armor case from Y-Ta. The honeycomb pattern gives it a futuristic look while making sure your iPhone is safe from harm.

Shock-proof material surrounds the edge, making it impervious to anything but the highest drops. A raised profile puts off unnecessary scratches on your smartphone’s display and rear camera system. It’s sure to be one of your favorite cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max!

5. Hacrin

This is a luxury style case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max by the brand name Hacrin.

Shiny plated cases give your newest iPhone investment a sheen that’s breathtakingly beautiful. Want to give your smartphone a shiny shell? Then it’s Hacrin by choice.

It’s shock-proof and offers full 360-degree protection. Plus, the corners can take any kind of beating without transferring damage to your iPhone 11 Pro Max. A raised .3mm design wards off wear and surface tear and gives you nothing to worry about when you lay your device on any surface.

6. Gradient

This is a Gradient case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max that is transparent and has many colors too.

Get the gradient look that’s all the rage nowadays in a protective case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Introducing the TPU Bumper Gradient Color cover, a stunning piece of work that also has all the right features.

The back material dazzles by showing off a gradient hue in several options. On the side, reinforced edges offers 24/7 shielding against drops to the pavement. Flexible TPU material allows for easy pressing of bumper and volume buttons. Plus, it supports wireless charging without having to be removed.

7. Subin

This is a leather case for the iPhone 11 Pro max by Subin.

A hardback case designed with leather for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? Subin gets our recommendation as it has captured the authentic look and feel of luxury leather and adds to the elegance of your newest iPhone.

Gold accents round the edges of the rear camera array and lifts the screen from surface damage. The cutouts are great for easy access to the charging port and rocker buttons. You’ll certainly love how the leather feels while you hold your iPhone.

8. Joliwow

This is a fabric case for the iPhone 11 by a company called Joliwow.

Fabric never goes out of style. If you need a comfortable and stylish skin for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, there’s no better option than Joliwow’s Fabric business case that combines cloth PU, hard back material and soft TPU edges.

The fabric case comes in several color variations, including red, brown and pink. It doesn’t fade, has natural anti-scratch and knock capabilities and you can mix and match depending on what you’re wearing. It’s an awesome companion for your iPhone!

9. Vifocal

This is a leather case that is available in black, blue and red for the iPhone 11 Pro Max by Vifocal.

Gamers and heavy users will want something that can effectively dissipate the heat generated from hours of playing and watching on your iPhone. The ultra slim, flexible case with heatsink technology will prove to be the perfect match.

It’s shock-proof, fingerprint proof and sweat proof, and provides complete access to the buttons. Plus, a raised rear cover staves off any kind of damage to your iPhone’s triple lens camera. Accent leather texture emulates a premium carbon fiber feel.

10. Binbo

This is a carbon fiber case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max by Binbo.

Carbon fiber is used in many industries for good reason. As a case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, it provides superb tactile response and can be grasped securely even with one hand. Moreover, it’s lightweight and doesn’t add to the dimensions of your smartphone.

A micro-circle gives your precious rear camera lens .5mm indention. The wrap-around technology shields out bumps, abrasions and everyday scratches. The superb design only complements the look of your brand new iPhone and makes it an absolute vision to behold.

11. RainMan

This is a wooden case by RainMan for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Forget plain plastic, tempered gradient glass or painted designs. It’s time to get back to nature and give your new iPhone 11 Pro Max a retro wood pattern for a timeless look that won’t ever fade!

This back cover from RainMan comes in a variety of wood patterns and shades. Raised rear camera and corner edges lift your smartphone a few centimeters off the ground, eliminating everyday knocks and scratches. It’s amazing to hold and wards off fingerprints, too.

12. Lainergie

This is a leather case with a luxury looking style for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Give your iPhone 11 Pro Max a set of useful features while protecting it in the process. Lainergie’s Soft Back Cover emulates the appearance of luxury leather, and more importantly, it takes away smudges, dirt and untimely drops to the pavement.

The textured back feels great to the touch. Inside, semi-honeycomb patterns dissipate heat that’s generated by marathon watching and gaming sessions. Removing and putting it back in can be done in just a few seconds. The raised grooves along the sides provide extra shielding.

13. Star Space

This case has stars and is designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Save the world one case at a time by choosing the biodegradable Star Space case in a variety of colors. The material contains natural wheat straw that decomposes by itself. The grainy look and feel add to the overall character of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The soft silicone material is drop-resistant and won’t smudge or collect fingerprints as you use your smartphone all day. Plus, you won’t have to worry about laying it on surfaces, thanks to the .5mm raised groove for the rear camera array.

14. MOFi

This is one of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that is made out of fabric material.

Instead of plastic TPU or silicone, MOFi chose to make fabric-based iPhone 11 Pro Max covers, and frankly speaking it does offer a whole new experience. The inviting fabric texture is a pleasant tactile feedback whenever you take a picture, send emails or communicate with friends on social network.

360-degree protection covers bumps, scratches and unforeseen drops to the pavement. If you’re looking for a case that’s as classy as your newest iPhone, this is the one for you.

15. Finger Ring

This is one of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case that has a finger ring holder.

Forget about sticking on a finger ring accessory or a stand that only adds to the bulk. LF has a 3-in-1 silicone cover for your iPhone 11 Pro Max that you may definitely want to consider buying.

The best iPhone 11 Pro Max case with a finger ring offers 360-degree protection while giving you a few nifty convenient upgrades. You can slide the button down and out pops a silicone finger ring so your smartphone won’t slip out your hand. Then, prop out the metallic stand when you need hands-free operation.

16. Girls Fashion Case with Wrist Strap

This is one of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case designed for girls you are into fashion.

Lovely prints on an iPhone 11 Pro Max case is like finding a charming antique lamp or the perfect clothes you’d wear on a date. The Girls Fashion Case has a wrist strap, and elegant design that makes your iPhone 11 Pro Max a vision to behold. Flowers, a giraffe and a lovely kitty sleeping in a sock are just some examples of amazing case options available.

17. LF Card Holder

This is a leather case for the iPhone 11 Pro and is one of the best for holding a credit card and can be used as a wallet.

Give your newest iPhone a wardrobe change and something that exudes the same style as you. This Luxury Leather case is ready to protect and make your smartphone look good no matter the occasion.

You won’t have to worry about scratches, fingerprint and smudging, as well as drops with the silicone frame Around the back are raised corners for the rear camera and a card slot for adding a bank card you can use on the go.

18. LF Flip with Kickstand

This iPhone 11 Pro Max case also comes with a kickstand and is made out of leather.

A flip case can protect your new iPhone 11 Pro Max’s screen while not in use. How about a flip case cover that can turn your iPhone into a mini-wallet or organizer?

Luxury leather material offers excellent tactile feel. Standout features of this case include a hands-free standing mechanism, anti-knock protection and a card slot and space for a family member or loved ones’ photograph. You can even choose a color to your liking.


This iPhone 11 Pro Max case is one of the best for girls who are looking for a transparent case with some flowers on it.

MOESOE’s Diamond Flower Case will make your iPhone 11 Pro Max shine like a diamond and add to your overall girl power. If nothing but the shiniest and glitziest case should envelop your precious smartphone, then your search ends right here.

High quality TPU material exhibits a clear shell and plating. Shiny metallic ink will catch the light of the room and provide a shiny sensation. The moment you lay your iPhone down you can be sure that it’ll be the talk of the town!


This is case for those boys who wants keep their iPhone 11 Pro Max at its best condition.

Put your iPhone 11 Pro Max in ultimate protection mode and you won’t even have to blink when you put your newest smartphone through its paces. The Shockproof Rugged Hard PC case from WEFIRST is the equivalent of a tank in the iPhone case industry.

Hard PC material absorbs the biggest drops, bumps and abrasions, while a soft TPU cradles your iPhone without causing cosmetic damage. There’s even a kickstand for when you need to operate in hands-free mode.


This is an iPhone 11 Pro Max case that is available in different designed and has a simple look.

Need something that’s off-the-wall fun and totally speaks your style and language? The case by AKABEILA will be just what you’re looking for. It has a number of painted designs that range from classic to cute while giving your newest device a nice, all-around protection.

UV paint technology ensures the picture is clearer and won’t fade even after years have passed. The environmental oil used is safe and won’t smudge. Best of all, you get anti-knock features and 360-degree protection the moment you slip them on.

22. KEYSION Card Pocket

This is one of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case that has a pocket to store a credit card.

KEYSION Leather Wallet cases are known for providing elegance with functional designs for the urban consumer. Case in point- the iPhone 11 Pro Max case comes in several color options, all wrapped in premium PU leather.

At the back is an innovation that allows you to leave your wallet at home and yet still pay for food and items. You can put your credit card, company ID and a few bills for added convenience. The soft inner lining material and the cases’ wireless charging support is icing on the cake.


This iPhone 11 Pro Max case has colorful edges and is transparent at the same time, which makes it to our top list.

URCASE strikes an amazing balance and is the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case for those who want a dash of color with transparency that shows off your iPhone’s curves.

4-sided protection prevents everyday falls, bruises and scratches, while the crystal-clear back cover shields your smartphone from abrasions while resting it on a surface. The charging port, volume and power button are all easily accessible, and the TPU material ensures your new investment will last a long, long time.

24. Frameless

This is a frameless iPhone 11 Pro Max that gives you a chance to enjoy the real feel of your phone.

Frameless iPhone 11 Pro Max cases provide a minimalist look upfront while still managing to protect your smartphone from the usual wear and tear on the sides and back. The slim and lightweight Lainergie case gets top marks for being easy on the eyes and for having raised edges to cover up the rear camera and corners.

The cover makes it easier for you to grasp your iPhone even when on the go. For added insurance, you can attach the included ring holder and not have to worry about your iPhone hitting the pavement.

25. Comanke

This is a silicone plastic type case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max that is available in different colors.

A slim iPhone 11 Pro Max case screams minimalist and gives owners reliable protection as they use their phones all day. This one from Comanke gets a nod as it comes in different candy-colored tones to match what you’re feeling for the day. Feeling playful? Going on a business meeting? You’ll have a color that will perfectly complement your mood.

The soft TPU material wraps your iPhone securely while providing the usual anti-smudge, fingerprint and shock protection.

26. Ollyden

This iPhone 11 Pro Max case is made out of glass so users can enjoy the luxury feeling of their Apple device.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s high-end material and powerful hardware requires an equally good-looking case. Not to worry, though- Ollyden’s Gradient Tempered Glass and Silicone case combo is a great complement to Apple’s flagship phone.

The outer gradient glass feels awesome, and inside is a silicone hard cover and TPU soft edge for all-day protection. The slim profile manages to cover the rear camera and the edges of your iPhone quite well. Slap it on and you get extra points for style and sophistication!

27. Capa Weave Leather Pattern

This case is made for the iPhone 11 Pro Max that has a weave style looking and has a touch of a leather design.

Wrap your newest iPhone 11 Pro Max in a unique case and it won’t ever be lost again. Capa weave-style exhibits originality and caters to those who want something that makes their iPhone stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Coque Capa Weave offers precise hole positioning so you can charge your smartphone without having to remove the case. It has raised edges and on the rear camera so it won’t get inadvertently damaged while you rest it on a surface.

Note: This case is not made of leather. It’s made of TPU with a weave leather pattern

28. KEYSION Marble Tempered Glass

This is a tempered glass iPhone 11 Pro Max case that is one of the best of our list.

Can’t get enough of marble and want the same theme for your latest iPhone 11 Pro Max? With the KEYSION Tempered Glass case, you can!

Pick among striking stained glass and marble pattern designs. Outer streamer glass material is an absolute joy to touch and behold. The inner layer is made of soft TPU and won’t damage your iPhone in any way. Plus, you can ward off fingerprints, scratches and occasional pavement drops without having to sacrifice weight or style.

29. Solque

This is a leather case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max by the company named Solque. It's extremely soft and comfortable in the hands, which is why it makes it one of the best.

Crocodile skin patterns are a great fit on bags and clothing apparel, but did you know that they can look stunning on the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max too? Solque has a variety of classy ultra thin leather TPU cases for both men and women.

The leather skin appearance goes well with any outfit or any accessory you choose on your newest smartphone. Aside from that, you get the maximum 360-degree protection and raised corner edges and on the rear camera, too.

30. Torubia Retro Calf Grain PU Leather

This leather case is specially made for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to give you one of the best looking cases and luxury feeling when using your phone.

Pick Torubia’s Calf Grain Leather case if you should decide to wrap your precious iPhone with something that won’t ever go out of style. It’s perfect for offering 24/7 protection from skids, tough knocks and bruises and usually comes away unscathed and still looking pretty.

Magnetic closure technology is coupled with useful Wallet features to hold your credit cards, ID and bus passes, with space for the occasional cash. Best of all, the case doesn’t add to the bulk and accentuates your newest investment quite nicely.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11.

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