Capto screen recorder for Mac is now on sale

Need a no-frills app that can give you recording, capturing and video and photo editing functions? Capto is all you’ll need. Install the software and you’ll have the ability to capture your whole screen or a part of it with just a button click. Then, begin editing while in-app using adjustment, crop and trim tools, among others.

Capto shines in situations when you don’t have time to sort your screenshots and recordings. Smart holders put them in automatic folders. Share easily on the most popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, GDrive, Dropbox and more!

Capto Screen Capture & Video Editing for Mac

Capto Screen Capture & Video Editing for Mac

With Capto, you can collaborate and share instantly. The interface is easy to work with and provides almost everything you need in one glance.

Capto Screen Capture and Video Editing for Mac usually costs $29.99, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $16.99. You get 43% on our deal.

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