Charge multiple devices with the Omni Power Bank


Omni 20+, Omi Mobile Pro and Omni Ultimate are massive upgrades to the power bank you’re probably using right now. Why? They can simultaneously charge all your devices in both wired and wireless mode.

Omni Power Bank Roundup

These power banks have fast wireless charging, 100W to 120W outlets, 60W USB-C ports and more. Plus, all of them have smart charging capabilities and a patented 11-layer safety protection for peace of mind.

The 20,000, 25,600 and 34,800 mAh capacities should be enough to charge your iPhone, iPad and even keep your MacBook running for a short time. Put your Apple Watch on top and it should begin charging.

Omni Power Bank

The Mobile Pro, 20+ and Ultimate are priced $129.99, $199 and $399 respectively and are awesome bang for your buck. Get them today!

Omni 20+ MultiPort/Wireless 20,000mAh Power Bank

Omni Mobile Pro 25,600mAh Wireless Portable Power Bank

Omni Ultimate 34,800mAh Power Bank


Samantha Wiley

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