Get the GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder for $89


Get a leg up on the competition and never have to second-guess the range to the pin ever again, thanks to GoGolf GPS. Better yet, you won’t have to lug around heavy and bulky equipment just to get improved shot and club selection.

GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder

GoGolf GPS Accurate Rangefinder

The GoGolf rangefinder works on iOS and Android devices and connects via Bluetooth. With the GoGolf GPS app, you’ll be able to get both text and audio reports in 35 languages. Simply clip the device to your cap, shirt or glasses and tap the unit’s button and it will tell you the exact distance.

The GoGolf Rangefinder lasts 18 holes in a single full charge and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. With iLounge, the device costs only $89.99, which is a great deal if you want to improve your overall golf game.

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