We at iLounge have a special last chance deal on the Luminar 3 software bundle, which allows you to edit photos like a seasoned professional.

Luminar 3

The AI-powered Luminar 3 has gained many accolades ever since it came out for Mac and Windows. How cool would it be if you could dump your photos into your computer and turn each one of them into professional shots? With this software, editing and organizing have gotten way simpler.

The software’s Accent AI automatically adjusts the depth, tone and color details. Skies and trees are optimized using enhancers. It has more than 50 filters and 70 different looks to get the exact image you want.

Luminar 3

Beginners will have nothing to worry about since the bundle comes with a comprehensive guide by Luminar 3 expert Richard Harrington. You’ll start using the software and everything it offers in just a few hours!

The software bundle normally costs $93, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $49. You get 47% off on our deal.


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