Get the Portable 10,000mAh Power Bank by ChargeMe for $15

ChargeMe’s portable power bank comes in either a trendy White and Orange, or a Black and Red number. Dual 2.4A outputs provide high-speed charging on all compatible devices.

The 10,000 mAh capacity extends your smartphone’s battery life two to three hundred percent more, which gives you more juice to browse the web, watch your favorite films or post photos and interact with friends on social media.

Portable 10,000mAh Power Bank by ChargeMe in Black color

The ChargeMe portable power bank can charge any USB compatible device, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy phones and others.

The portable aspect means it can go with you anywhere- on road trips, to the gym and on business or leisure vacations and provide a reliable source of charge for your mobile devices.

The Portable 10,000 mAh Power Bank normally costs $19, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $15. You get 21% off with our deal.

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