The Epic Mac Bundle Ft. Fantastical 2 & PDF Expert (93% Off)

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For those of you who are looking to be more organized and maintain a high level of good time management, then this epic Mac bundle featuring some of the best office tools out there is too good of a deal for you to miss out on. This Mac bundle has a retail value of $478, but with our special deal, you can get it for just $29.99! Which means, you save up to an incredible 93%. Hurry though, this deal ends in 5 days!

Epic Mac Bundle

The bundle consists of 8 top-rated Mac apps that will make the quality of your work life a lot easier.
The incredible package consists of:

1. Fantastical 2 – Valued at $49.99

Fantastical 2

This application will help you set events, reminders and geofence alerts. What makes this calendar app so great is that it is very convenient, easy to use and even has a dark mode option so you’re not straining your eyes with the blinding white background that most apps have. If you’re looking to set a proper schedule and maintain it, then this is a great application to have on your Mac.

2. PDF Expert – Valued at $79.99

PDF Expert

PDF is one of the most used document file formats used, ever. However, the applications that help us read the PDFs don’t really give us enough features to properly edit documents. For whatever reason, it has always been a struggle. With PDF Expert though, those troubles are no more. The best part about this PDF editing app is that it is incredibly reliable, and can be downloaded onto your iPad, iPhone and Macbook all at the same time.

3. Flux 7 – Valued at $99

Flux 7

Flux 7 is an advanced web-design tool that makes web development easy as 1, 2, 3. What makes this application so great is that users can easily customise images with special effects all within the application. The best part about the app is that it makes web designing so simple, and proves you don’t have to be an expert programmer to be able to make an incredible looking website.

4. Pagico 8 – Valued at $50

Pagico 8

If you have trouble focussing on tasks and keeping productive, then Pagico 8 is definitely an application you would want to invest in. Users can use the application to take notes, create tasks as well as projects. The app utilises the best tools to help you keep focussed on your day to day tasks, fully upgrading your productivity.

5. Command-Tab Plus – Valued at $34.99

Command-Tab Plus

The title of this application basically gives away what it accomplishes. For those who have gotten accustomed to Ctrl+Tabbing between windows on Windows operating systems and have recently converted to Mac OS, then this application is perfect for you. The app makes switching between windows seamless and is great for saving time when you have more than 2 applications open.

6. iStat Menus 6 – Valued at $14.99

iStat Menus 6

This application is for those interested in wanting to know all the system information and performance numbers of their Macs. The app fits right into the menu bar and displays CPU + GPU usage, fan speeds, memory stats, temperatures, disk usage and a lot more!

7. iLocker Pro – Valued at $79.80

iLocker Pro

iLocker Pro is an app best suited for those looking to be more flexible with their Macs by sharing it with a friend or a sibling. It has the ability to password protect individual apps such as Safari, Apple Mail, Photos, Contacts and even Games for a much more safer experience.

8. Ultdata recovery  – Valued at $69.99

Ultdata recovery

With this application, you don’t ever have to worry about lost data. Ultdata recovery can recover any deleted files or images. So whether your Macbook goes corrupt, or someone accidentally deletes important files from your Mac, you can be assured Ultdata recovery will have your back!

All in all, this is an incredible bundle to have. Not only because you get to save almost $400+, but you also get some of the best Mac applications out there on the market.

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