Do you put off backing up data on your iPhone because it’s too tedious?

Why DearMob iPhone Manager is The Reliable Solution to Creating Backups

Due to iOS’ closed nature, managing your precious files can take several more steps compared to Android. It’s not as easy as plugging your smartphone into a computer and copying the files you want. When you want to back up iPhone, you will need the help of a software (most likely iTunes), which in itself may present a few hassles along the way.

It isn’t exactly the best data manager in the market, either. Most iPhone users dismiss it as being too unwieldy, cumbersome and confusing. The program can be slow, prone to iTunes errors and can give you more problems than you started out with.

Naturally, you’d want the fastest and the easiest-to-use iPhone manager because frankly speaking, creating a backup and sorting files should only take a couple of minutes.

If you want to save time and unnecessary effort, consider using DearMob iPhone Manager, a third party alternative to iTunes. Below, we’ll outline the points that make it better than the default software of your iPhone.

How is DearMob iPhone Manager Different From iTunes?

DearMob iPhone Manager is a lightweight iPhone and iPad management software that can do everything iTunes can, and more. When you’re constantly frustrated by iTunes’ convoluted interface, slow transfer speeds and error messages, you won’t have anything to lose by trying DearMob.


The developers of DearMob iPhone Manager picked up where iTunes left off and continued refining their software. Aside from making iPhone backups easier than ever, it can do batch or selective transfer, convert files to be readable by any Apple device and export encrypted data as well.

Easy To Use. Data transfer iPhone is made easier, no matter what computer you’re using. UI is beautiful, streamlined and allows you to do what you need in just a few clicks.

Safe. You won’t have to cross your fingers every time you want to back up data from your iPhone to a computer. DearMob touts military-grade encryption and has made an extra effort so you won’t accidentally delete or leak private and sensitive data.

Fast. DearMob is relatively lightweight and won’t leave a large digital footprint in your computer. You’ll be done much sooner compared to using iTunes. You can also do custom transfers in batches or selectively as you wish.

Intelligent Features. One standout feature of DearMob is the two-way file transfer between computer and connected iDevices. You can import and convert videos, ebooks and music and they’ll automatically fit the iOS device you’ll be transferring them to. Videos can be made to rotate or fill up the screen size. Previously unsupported formats such as MKV, FLAC, OGG and FLV files will be converted to the right extension as it passes through the software.

DearMob can also remove DRM labels on books, movies, music and other content, thereby making it viewable or usable on non-iOS devices.

How To Use DearMob iPhone Manager to Backup Data

DearMob may be used for both Windows and macOS. Keep in mind though, that when you buy a license for the Apple OS version then it won’t work for the Windows version, and vice versa. Still, the overall experience is identical and there aren’t any exclusive features on either operating system.

Use DearMob iPhone Manager

There’s no complicated procedure in installing DearMob. Visit the official website and download the latest build. There’s a test version that’s free and limited; on the other hand, you can get a license and quickly replace iTunes as your default migrate iPhone data solution.

Step 1. Download DearMob for Mac or Windows depending on your computer. Get this iPhone manager free then install by double clicking and proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Set the necessary permission to get full access to the files located in your smartphone.

Step 3. Begin the backup process by easily navigating to where you need to go in DearMob.

For a more comprehensive guide on using DearMob iPhone Manager, watch the video below:

DearMob can back up all of your iPhone’s data in just a few clicks. Afterwards, restoring is a matter of tapping on ‘restore’ to migrate iPhone data to new device. You’ll be able to view all the apps installed and even delete or uninstall them without ever touching your smartphone.

SMS and Calendar content can be saved, but you won’t be able to send new messages using the app. The same applies to old and new Calendar entries.

The app can turn your iPhone or iPad into a flash drive when you need storage in a pinch. When using the computer, you can add files and folders, export and rename files. This won’t affect the storage format or how your iPhone sees it.

DearMob is a reliable iTunes replacement for iPhone file management and backup. It’s better than iTunes when it comes to the most important functions, namely backing up and managing important data. It also has a few extra features that you’ll find useful down the line.


Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.