Evapolar 2 EvaSMART: Smart Personal Air Conditioner ($199)

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Evapolar 2 EvaSMART smart personal air conditioner, a nifty device that creates a micro-climate. It’s your very own personal purifier, humidifier and A/C in one!

Keep cool and save up on the costs of air conditioning. The lightweight, ultra-portable machine uses natural evaporative cooling to lower the immediate temperature around you. It also works as a humidifier and air purifier by filtering dust particles to keep the air clean. It only uses 12.5W of electricity and can be operated via controls, mobile app or even your voice.

Get it in White, Black or Gray, depending on your preference and never have to pay an outrageously astronomical power bill again! You get 26% off, or a $70 discount when you purchase the personal air conditioner from our online store.


Buy the Evapolar 2 EvaSMART

The Evapolar 2 EvaSMART smart personal air conditioner normally costs $269, while we at iLounge are offering the micro-cooler for only $199.

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