FaceApp old face filter goes viral on the internet

Users on social media have started to share their FaceApp old face pictures. Since they are so funny, it is now trending all over the internet. At the time of publishing this article, #FaceApp was trending number 1 on twitter in the US.

According to Google Trends, Instagram users are also searching for the app by searching “What app is everyone using on Instagram?” while many were searching “What is FaceApp on Facebook” on Google.

FaceApp Old Face

FaceApp Old Face Pictures Shared on Social Media


The FaceApp can be downloaded on any Android and iOS device. While the app is free to download, users are still required to buy a membership to use it. Since FaceApp is giving a 3 days trial, users can enjoy the app by filtering their pictures for 3 days for free.

If you want to make your friends laugh a little, the app also allows you to add multiple faces while adding filters to the image.

Download FaceApp on Google Play Store and on iTunes.