FirstRowSports: The Best Alternative Sports Streaming Websites

FirstRowSports is an excellent website for streaming live sports programs and games. There are plenty of links available, so you can watch without worrying about lag caused by too much traffic.

Features of Streaming Sites like FirstRowSports

No matter what game or sport you’re interested in, FirstRowSports has got you covered. You can watch live matches of Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, and more- all for free! Plus, new games and events are always being added so it’s the perfect go-to spot for anyone looking to catch a football match and table tennis tournament at the same time!


Streaming movies, TV shows, and sportscasts online have definitely made our lives easier by doing away with the need for Television or cable. Nowadays, all you need to watch your favorite programs is a phone with a decent internet connection. Sports are a unique activity in human lives that bring us together.

Some people are content to watch from the sidelines while others take an active role in participating. While some use sports as a form of exercise or to develop their skills, others see it as entertainment. Oftentimes, sporting events are broadcast live so that viewers at home can get the full experience complete with all of the suspense and excitement that comes with not knowing the outcome ahead of time. This is one of many reasons why streaming sites have become so important – they allow people to access this type of content from anywhere in the world.

The best FirstRowSports Alternatives

Even though FirstRowSports is superlative streaming website, it goes offline occasionally. This presents a major problem because…(reasons). typically this occurs due to technical issues or maintenance and the site usually comes back on after some time.

Unfortunately, FirstRowSports isn’t accessible in all countries. If you’re stuck in one of these areas and still want to catch your game, here are the top alternative websites for streaming sports that you can use instead.

New FirstRowSports SportLemon

SportLemon is a top-notch alternative to FirstRowSports for many reasons: it’s one of the best sports streaming sites, covers all sporting events transpiring globally. Accessible to everyone at no cost, has a schedule with upcoming event and their respective time stamps.

The streaming speed for sports is noticeably different from movies or TV shows because the games are being shown in real-time as they’re happening. SportLemon does exceptionally well in this area, earning top marks. The website also loads quickly and has very few ads.

If you’re looking for a particular sporting event, SportLemon is a great website to check out. They have streaming links for different sports sorted into different categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for:

  • Football;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • American Football;
  • Boxing; and a host of others.

The site’s impressive streaming speed is due to the fact that there are multiple streaming links. Also, you’re not stuck using the site’s media player if you don’t want to – you can watch content on your computer or smartphone with any video player installed.

WatchESPN FirstRowSports

ESPN is a website where you can find news, shows, highlights and other content related to sports. It is also a television channel that you can watch live Sports on from anywhere. The website is legal so you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws by using it.

The website provides a plethora of content you will not want to miss. From live games and highlights, to the latest sports news, the website has it all. What’s more, using the site feels like you are at home watching TV.

The site gives you access to sports like:

  • American National Football (NFL);
  • Formula 1;
  • NBA;
  • Football; and many more

Another great perk of using ESPN is that all videos are in full High Definition (HD). In addition, streaming mobile apps are available for download on Android or iOS devices. These apps enable you to stream content easily from your smartphone.


Stopstream is an impressive website that provides live sports content for users. Each live game or match has many links which you can use to ensure fast streaming speed. The website provides content in more than 30 different sports, making it a great resource for fans of all kinds.

The video quality is excellent and the website loads quickly. This makes web pages load faster and makes it easier to browse the internet.

Note: Since there are multiple links available for each event, you may need to click on a few before finding one with good streaming quality. This is because low quality and slow links compete with fast high-quality ones.

Furthermore, there are links that take you to third-party websites where you can live stream the game/event.

FirstRowSports Live TV

LiveTV offers users live games with commentary in a variety of languages- not just English. This is unique as many other streaming sites only provide commentary in one language. In addition, each game on the website has information about the quality of stream, so you can know what to expect.

The website also offers a convenient “live tab” so you can keep track of other games as they’re happening, in addition to the one you’re already streaming. And if language barriers are a concern for you, don’t worry–the site is available in English, German, and French.

Their sports website offers extensive game coverage for Football, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Running/Athletics events, and much more.

VIPBox Sports

Although the name may suggest you have to pay to watch live games, VIPBox actually offers free broadcasts of different sports. It only streams games that are happening currently- so you won’t find old game recordings here. The video quality is good and the streaming speed is fast. There’s hardly a sport you can think of that VIPBox doesn’t cover, from Badminton and Snooker to Darts and winter sports like Bowling.

VIPBox offers a wide variety of sports coverage, as well as a section for watching TV shows. There is also a separate channel devoted entirely to sports channels. The website is easy to use and perfect for streaming football matches.

FirstRowSports on fuboTV

What sets FuboTV apart from other websites is its premium sports content that you can watch live. However, before enjoying unlimited access, you have to pay a monthly fee. With over 100 different sports channels available on the website, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

On this website, you can watch live games of various sports such as hockey, American football (NFL), Football/Soccer, NBA and more. The streaming speed is noteworthy but it depends on your internet connection being stable.

You can download the fuboTV app for your Android or iOS device to enjoy fantastic video quality on different channels.

A significant downside is that the website isn’t accessible in most nations. You can, however, go to the site itself to find out if your country has access to it.

Note: The website offers a free trial for new users so that they can get a taste of what the site has to offer.

StrikeOut FirstRowSports

Lastly, there is StrikeOut. It’s a decent website that offers plenty of content to users. However, it functions as more of a gateway than anything else. What this means is that it doesn’t actually host the content you want to stream itself. Instead, it redirects you to third-party websites where the desired content is hosted. Because of this setup, there’s no guarantee regarding the quality of live stream you’ll ultimately get. You might have to try several times before landing on a good site.”

Strikeout has got you covered for all the major sports games, whether it’s Soccer, NFL, Basketball, MotoGP or Rugby. The website is easy to navigate and use; plus, there is a search bar function if you want to quickly locate a specific game.

Conclusion of Free Sites Like FirstRowSports to Watch Sports Live

Although FirstRowSports is a great sports streaming website, there are other websites that function just as well and some that may even be better. There are plenty of websites out there with top-notch sports content similar to what FirstRowSports offers. The list below contains only a few of these examples.

Note: Trying to access a website that isn’t available in your country can be frustrating. But don’t worry, by using a VPN (virtual private network), you can still view the site. Just choose a reputable one from the many options online.