Buy the GoSpace SuperCloud 5G Wireless Storage & Charger for $89


We at iLounge have a special deal on the GoSpace SuperCloud 5G Wireless Storage & Charger, which allows you to store files and charge your devices on the go.

GoSpace SuperCloud 5G Wireless Storage and Charger

In today’s world, having a device that can charge all your gadgets and give you the ability to store your files to the cloud is a must. The GoSpace is an innovative device that works as storage and charge up your mobile phone, tablet, wearables and more via the USB, USB-C or Qi Wireless.

Connect on a 2.4 or 5G wireless network to store precious files, documents and photos. GoSpace can access GDrive and Dropbox for extra flexibility and give you unlimited extensions for up to 8 devices simultaneously. On the battery aspect, the GoSpace Charger can power up your smartphone to full for about 2.5 times on a single charge, thanks to its 7,000 mAh capacity.

GoSpace SuperCloud 5G Wireless Storage & Charger

It usually costs $119, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $89. You save 25% off with this deal.

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