How to cancel Apple News Plus subscription

In this article, we at iLounge will guide you on how to cancel Apple News Plus subscription on any iOS device.

Approximately 200,000 Apple users signed up within a period of 48 hours following the March 25 Apple News+ launch, according to The New York Times.

Apple News Plus

There’s a certain novelty in being able to read 200-plus magazines on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, but the service has had its critics, mainly on the app’s layout, controls, customization, unoptimized or outdated PDF interfaces, and many others.

Apple News+ began as a free one-month service for iOS users, which is great and all. Now that the trials have ended, it appears many subscribers are likely to discontinue. If you haven’t unsubscribed yet, then you’re likely hit with the $9.99 fee on your statement.

Here’s how to cancel Apple News Plus subscription

  1. Open Apple News+ app.
  2. Get to the bottom part (on iPads), or the Following tab (on iPhones) and tap “Manage Subscriptions”.
  3. Choose “Cancel” and confirm.

The unsubscribe should hit immediately and you’ll save yourself the trouble of being charged $9.99 for a service you don’t want. Re-subscribing is an option at any time. We’ll have to wait and see if improvements can be made before Apple starts losing more subscribers.