4K videos are quickly becoming the norm, as consumers upgrade to 4K Smart TVs and 4K-resolution monitors and computers.


To fully enjoy 4K, you’ll need the right hardware and software for it. Otherwise, you’ll get jagged framerates, audio and video sync issues or a pop-up that says ‘incompatible video format’

5KPlayer is all you’ll need to start watching 4K videos on your Mac computer. With it, you get the full UHD experience with DTS surround sound and buttery-smooth playback frames. 5KPlayer is everything you need to see stutter-free content without having to spend thousands of dollars in hardware.

Play 4K ultra HD content on Mac

5KPlayer is a 100% free software that enables 4K UHD HEVC videos for viewing on your Mac.

It can play the most taxing videos, including 8K H264 and HDR 10-bit HEVC content for the 64-bit version.

This capability separates 5KPlayer from the rest of 4K playback software who claim they can process these high-resolution formats. Once you install 5KPlayer you won’t need any other playback app, as it supports a wide variety of video extensions, including webm, mov, mpeg, mpg, m2ts, mts, mkv and mp4.

A great 4K video player should be able to live up to its promise of smooth and seamless playback on its supported format, and for this reason 5KPlayer delivers. The advanced driver in the software harnesses your computer’s hardware potential and puts out the best quality via the TrueTheater technology, whether for 1080p TV shows or 8K documentaries. You’ll be sure to get the same lag-free experience each and every time.

5KPlayer’s potential comes to life when you have the latest and greatest hardware, e.g., a 21.5 inch Mac. You’ll be able to see the whole video being rendered in crisp and clear detail and truly know the difference a 4K display can put out compared to yesteryear’s displays. For 1080p monitors, 5KPlayer can still maximize resolution so you won’t get hit with small, niggling issues that could ruin the entertainment.

Experience quality 4K viewing when you download 5KPlayer Mac.

How to Play 4K HEVC Videos on Mac

The software is both free and safe to use. There’s no malware or anything else that could ruin your 4K watching experience.

5KPlayer Features

The 5KPlayer video player app can play 360-degree videos, live radio, ultra HD and 4K videos and movies on almost all imaginable format. You can play 4K videos immediately after you download the free 5Kplayer.

One unique feature that 5KPlayer has is its built-in online radio functionality. Other than that, the 4K player software can stream music across DLNA devices, including gaming consoles Xbox and PS4, Smart TVs, from Mac to PC and more.

DLNA allows for lightning-fast media streaming. 5KPlayer has it natively incorporated so you won’t have to get it as an add-on or sideload it as a plugin.

How to Play 4K HEVC Videos on Mac

AirPlay Mirror for iPad, iPhone and iPod to Mac

Few video player apps can boast AirPlay support for devices, but it’s just what 5KPlayer has. This means that users won’t have any problems streaming content to and from Apple devices.

5KPlayer allows for recording as you mirror 4K content from your iPad or iPhone to your PC, whether it be a music video you’d like to view later, a YouTube video of your favorite livestreamer or the latest game demo.

Basic video editing can be done in-software. For example, you can cut and trim the video, change the color balance, adjust the audio, playback speed or rotate, and even when you want to set the aspect ratio or add subtitles according to your viewing preference.

5KPlayer allows for capturing and downloading videos on popular channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and dozens of other websites. It can also download in mp3 format any video so you can listen to content on the go. After downloading, you can set your preferred format and resolution.

How to Play 4K HEVC Videos on Mac

5KPlayer is an absolute must-have for Mac users and those who enjoy watching crisp 4K videos on their 4K Smart TVs, Macs and compatible devices.

It’s the go-to software for playing major playback formats. Hardware acceleration ensures a seamless, lag-free video without a drop in frame rate or quality.

Register an account for free and use what 5KPlayer has to offer today. Get the HEVC player right now!


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