iBoysoft Drive Manager Review

Hard drives and internal storage on Macs can quickly get filled up with apps, photos and files. External drives and flash disks can get the job done, but connecting and mounting then unmounting devices can quickly become tedious and eat up a lot of your time.

iBoysoft Drive Manager is a useful utility for the Mac that allows for seamless disk drive management of both external and network drives on desktop and laptop computers. It’s a handy application that can mount NTFS drives on Macs.

Macs natively do not support writing to NTFS formatted hard drives, which means users often encounter problems when they’re trying to write on the files of an NTFS hard disk. This can be a major obstacle when you’re trying to get work done or files transferred from the Mac to PC, and vice versa.

iBoysoft Drive Manager solves the NTFS hard drive read/write problem by providing full access to NTFS-formatted drives on the Mac. Users can then read, edit or copy and paste files from Mac to NTFS with the data securely saved for later use.

You’ll never knew you needed a drive management tool until you’ve tried iBoysoft Drive Manager. It’s safe and allows for multiple drive and network swapping in an instant.

iBoysoft Drive Manager Features

Easy NTFS Mounting. Sometimes, you hit a snag when there’s an NTFS hard disk that you need to copy files to your Mac, but that won’t be an issue when you have an NTFS for Mac app installed on your Mac. Any NTFS-formatted drive can be opened and mounted to your Mac with write support, thanks to the utility.

One-Click Mount/Unmount. Simply take control from your menu bar to quickly mount and unmount external storage devices, thereby eliminating the need to dive deep into System – Preferences each and every time you want to swap out drives. Every action can be done with one click and without having to pull the connectors and risk a hard drive corruption.

External Drives Management. This function applies to virtually any storage media, including microSD, memory stick, CF card, SD card, USB thumb drive, solid state drive and external disk.

All it takes is a single click to unmount or mount your external hard drive.

File-Share Mapping. FTP servers on the Mac is largely a hit-or-miss affair. With iBoysoft, you’ll be able to map a network and set up FTP server access on your Mac. Afterwards, you’ll be able to browse to any remote folder like it’s a local one.

File-Share Mapping with iBoysoft Drive Manager

Wide Support. iBoysoft can read almost all popular storage and drive formats, including FAT32, exFAT and NTFS. Mac users who are on macOS 10.7 through 10.14 should be able to install the software without any problems.

How to Write to NTFS Drives on macOS?

Download, Install then Launch

First, you’ll need to download this free NTFS for Mac software on your Mac.

Wait for your Mac software to finish downloading, then open the file and follow the software instructions to have it installed in your computer.

Step 1. Attach your external drive to your Mac computer via cable.

Step 2. Open the iBoysoft application, then click the menu bar’s icon and choose ‘Mount All External Drives’

Install iBoysoft Drive Manager

From here, you can copy, paste, delete, edit or read data accordingly without having to delve into your Mac’s settings.

Step 3. After your work is completed, choose ‘Unmount All External Drives’ via the menu bar’s program icon.

Manage Your Drive List

All the external storage media you connect to your computer will be auto-added in the drive list. For network drives, you’ll need to do it manually. Click the program icon found on the menu bar to start managing your external drives and network like a pro.

Customize Your Settings in Preferences

Tweaking iBoysoft Drive Manager to work just the way you want it to can be done on the Preferences section. For instance, you can prevent drive corruption after a sudden removal by auto-ejecting external media when your Mac goes to sleep mode. When it wakes up, iBoysoft will auto-mount it (and network drives) for your devices’ safety.

Settings of iBoysoft Drive Manager

You can also have the iBoysoft tool to notify you when there are changes to the network or external storage so you can stay on top and know if the media is mounted, unplugged safely, etc.

The developers of iBoysoft know that there’s no greater hassle than having to work with multiple external drives and only one computer. Collaborative work can quickly become a matter of having the right kind of tools to read, edit and copy files from several drives.

Get the iBoysoft Trial Version

iBoysoft Drive Manager is a one-of-a-kind Mac utility that can be very useful for those who work with external drives, e.g., USB drives, SSDs and network drives most of the time. The one-click mount and unmount feature saves a ton of your time and helps you become more productive than ever.

For 7 days, you can experience seamless network and drive management on your Mac. The free download iBoysoft Drive Manager is perfect for those who want to give it a try. Afterwards, you can easily unlock the full version and add iBoysoft to your arsenal of everyday tools. It’s sure to become an indispensable application for all Mac users who want a safe and easy way to manage their storage devices.

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