1Password, Dropbox, The Earth by Tinybop, IMDb, OpenTable, Pocket

Following every major new iOS update comes a series of updates to popular apps taking advantage of new developer APIs and other integration features, and iOS 9 is no exception, with new Spotlight Search and deep linking that now lets you search inside third-party apps right from the global search screen. We also checked out a cool new kids app from Tinybop that’s ready for iOS 9.

1Password, Dropbox, The Earth by Tinybop, IMDb, OpenTable, Pocket

1Password (free) — The password manager gets an extreme makeover, with a whole new look that seems to fit in even better with Apple’s latest iOS design, while also providing landscape mode for the iPhone 6 Plus users, Slide Over and Split View for iPads, and optional Spotlight Search integration that can be switched on to let you search through your 1Password items (names only, of course) without having to launch the app. The password generator has also been improved to add Diceware support.

Dropbox (free) — Spotlight Search has been added to Dropbox as well, and although you can’t use it on your entire cloud-based file library, it will help you locate recently items or files that you’ve saved for offline access. Dropbox links shared with you by other users will also now open directly in Dropbox instead of Safari, and uploaded photos and videos are grouped together as a set of thumbnails in recent file views.

The Earth by Tinybop ($3) — The Earth by Tinybop is a new app aimed at children ages 6-8 to teach them about geological processes. Kids can move across an interactive planet to explore volcanic reactions, erosion, plate tectonics, and more, simply by touch.
IMDb (free) — Spotlight Search and deep linking into the app lets you find your favorite movies, actors, and TV shows from the global search screen, and any imdb.com links in Safari will open directly into the IMDb app.

OpenTable (free) — Again, Spotlight Search allows you to find restaurants directly in the OpenTable app from Safari or the global search screen, and the Apple Watch experience has also been improved.

Pocket (free) — You can now search through your saved article titles and URLs from Spotlight and open them directly in Pocket’s Article View, although you’ll still need to open Pocket itself to conduct a full-text search. Picture-in-Picture has also been added for supported iPads so you can keep watching the saved videos you’ve opened in Pocket while using other apps on your iPad.

Hulu and BBC iPlayer (free) — As we’ll be sure to see plenty more of now that iOS 9 has been released, both Hulu and BBC’s iPlayer apps have updated with support for Picture-in-Picture.