80 Days, Microgee, Tweetbot 4, Burstio, Evernote, Google Photos

80 Days, Microgee, Tweetbot 4, Burstio, Evernote, Google Photos

80 Days ($5) — All of the new content from Inkle’s 80 Days for Mac comes to a free update to the iOS version, with 30 new cities in the United States, Canada, and South America, along with notable places like Pitcairn Island, Meteora Valley, Dubrovnik, Zurich, and new side quests that take you from the Old West to the lost city of Atlantis and even possibly to the moon. Best of all, the update is entirely free — there are no in-app purchases required to unlock anything.

Microgee (free) — This new endless floater challenges you to chart your path in micro-gravity, and while it may seem simple, it’s deceptively so — you’ll quickly realize you can’t quickly change your path in micro-gravity so you have to plan your trajectory wisely. The controls are simple to use but difficult to master, and the game also includes a nice chill space soundtrack to keep you calm.

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter ($5) — The next major update to Tapbots’ popular Twitter client provides universal iPad support, landscape orientation on both the iPad and iPhone, with a column landscape view on larger-screened devices like the iPad and iPhone 6 Plus, and a new statistics and activity view, along with many other under-the-hood improvements.

Burstio ($1) — This handy little app scans through your iPhone camera roll for burst photos and allows you to turn them into animated GIFs or videos, from which you can then adjust playback speed, trim the length, and even export or share the results.

Evernote (free) — The popular note-taking app gets iOS 9 Spotlight support for ferreting out notes, along with 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Google Photos (free) — While the facial recognition in Google’s Photos app is impressive, one feature that’s been missing until this update is the ability to label the faces that Google finds in your collection. Now in version 1.4 you can label and merge face groups in search, and then search for people by name. Google promises this information is stored only for your reference and used to simplify searching, and in that regard it’s definitely a welcome feature.

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