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AG Drive ($4) — Three years in development, this new 3D racing game from Finnish game studio ZORG entertainment takes players on a blazingly fast-paced anti-grav race through a stunning and lively futuristic Earth city landscape. Built on the company’s own ZORG 3D engine, the game renders at 15 million polygons every second and runs at an impressively smooth 60 fps, providing seriously impressive visuals. The game also features an immersive and engaging soundtrack produced by the award-winning composer of other hit games such as Angry Birds, Outland, Trine, and more. Several racing modes are available ranging from single races to duels and eliminations. Multiple tracks with different environmental settings give you a wide variety of courses to race on, and each ship has its own unique set of skills for players to master.

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Crazy Taxi City Rush (free) — Sega teams up with Mattel in this latest update to Crazy Taxi City Rush, letting you spin around Bay City in the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker hot rod. Available as part of an in-game Hot Wheels event that runs for the next month, players can unlock the car through the in-game activities, or buy it outright via an in-app purchase. Additional Hot Wheels content is included in this latest update as well, including the Spare Hot Wheel tire trunk cover, a Hot Wheels themed decal, and players will be able to retain all of the unlocked content after the in-game event ends.

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We are the Chuggineers ($5) — We are the Chuggineers features characters from the popular kids show about trains — no, the other one — Chuggington. As we’ve seen in other recent StoryToys apps, We are the Chuggineers keeps things varied to hold a child’s attention. While the app is built around a read-along story, there are also video clips from the show, and four interactive games thrown in, as well. We’d recommend it for Chuggington fans, but other StoryToys apps are more fitting for a wider audience.

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Citymaps (free) — A great tool for creating and sharing personalized maps and collections of your favorite places, Citymaps gets a major update that adds a global expansion allowing you to search through any town or city in the world for places recommended by others, along with a new ‘Explore’ screen that gives you one-tap access to the most popular places and collections from users in the area. The update also adds deeper personalization algorithms that provide recommendations based on analyzing your usage of the app.

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Delectable Wines (free) — This popular app is a great way to help budding oenophiles keep track of their favorite wines, allowing you to simply snap a photo of the label and have it analyzed and matched to the appropriate wine. However, as cool as this feature is, many users still needed a way to simply be able to search for and rate wines directly, and this update finally delivers that ability, so you can more easily keep your wine history complete. The design of user profiles has also been polished up with a nicer design and easier navigation.

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Google Maps (free) — While many already consider Google Maps a better choice than Apple’s own Maps app, it’s undeniable that Google has the advantage of a standalone app that can be updated much more frequently than what Apple bundles into iOS updates, and Google has been doing this pretty aggressively with Google Maps lately. This newest update properly adds public transit directions calendar integration promised in the last version, while also throwing in access to more data right from within the Maps app. Nearby businesses are shown when looking up an address, landmarks and other points of interest now have more detailed facts — including links to Wikipedia entries — and many major venues incorporate a list of upcoming events, directly linked for access to more information or purchasing of tickets.