App Diary: GadgetFlow provides a fun and cool way to discover new products


App Diary: GadgetFlow provides a fun and cool way to discover new products

If you’re a gadget geek like we are, you’ll probably appreciate GadgetFlow, a new iOS app that aims to make the process of discovering all of the newest toys fun and seamless. GadgetFlow is backed by a team that digs through all of the latest product releases, crowdfunding projects, and Apple products and accessories, building collections that range from cool toys and practical tools to the entirely esoteric and whimsical. They’ve built up a collection of over 12,000 products broken down into 144 categories, and strive to deliver a dozen new products every single day, so you’ll find a constantly growing collection of stuff all within the GadgetFlow app.

However, the collection itself isn’t really where GadgetFlow gets its magical experience, but rather the effort the group has done in presenting that content. The user interface is simply and easy to navigate, with editorial descriptions, high quality images and videos, and most significantly, it’s now got augmented reality support. Although the selection of AR-featured products is still only a small portion of the complete catalog, GadgetFlow has done a good job of featuring the most relevant products — those that can benefit best from an AR presentation, such as drones, computers, and furniture type items. This lets you use AR to get a view of what a given product might look like on your desk or in your living room.
You can of course buy any featured product right from within the app, which takes you out to the right page on the vendor’s online store, and you can also build your own collections of favourite products in a public or private wish list. Browsing by categories is fast and intuitive, and colourful icons in the top left corner of each product image let you see at a glance whether a product is featured, discounted, crowdfunded, or has a video or AR preview available. A filter button in the top right corner lets you sort by the date a product was added or by price, and you can even filter products to within a specified price range, right down to the dollar. A separate “Discounts” section lets you see only products that are currently on sale. Standard iOS sharing options are here so you can also send out a GadgetFlow link to anything you’ve found via e-mail, messages, social media, and more.

If you like finding new tech products, GadgetFlow is a fun and addictive app that can easily lead you down a rabbit hole as you explore everything that their catalog has to offer, and it definitely provides a more attractive and intuitive presentation than most online shopping experiences we’ve seen.

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