Apple Store, Asphalt 8, Magnetized, PCalc

Apple Store, Asphalt 8, Magnetized, PCalc 1

Apple Store, Asphalt 8, Magnetized, PCalc

Apple Store (free) — Apple has been unusually slow to update its own store app for the iPhone to take advantage of some of the newest hardware features, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see Touch ID support finally arrive in the Apple Store app, along with support for Apple’s two-factor authentication for additional security. Touch ID can now be used to quickly access order history, EasyPay receipts, and make reservations, although you’ll still need to enter your Apple ID password to actually access your other account information and make changes. It’s a welcome addition considering how many other third-party apps have already embraced Touch ID for authentication, but if you want to revert to using your password, you do have the option to disable Touch ID support. With this update, the Apple Store app also makes its debut in 20 additional countries.

Apple Store, Asphalt 8, Magnetized, PCalc 2

Asphalt 8: Airborne (free) — Gameloft’s highly acclaimed racing game gets a nice content update, adding a new location in the form of the tropical island of Tenerife with four new tracks, as well as a collection of eight new cars including the Lamborghini Aventador and Audi R8 LMS Ultra, and revamped multiplayer events that allow you to compete against up to 12 players instead of 8. The app also gains 64-bit support, and, in one of the more questionable applications of the Apple Watch, provides widgets for receiving updates on upcoming events, new cars, and special offers.

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Magnetized (free) — You can grab this cool little retro physics puzzler for free right now as Apple’s App of the Week pick. Providing 80 total levels, Magnetized provides a nice classic arcade look and feel while challenging you to guide your object though a maze using nothing but magnets to adjust its course, avoiding the walls and collecting objects along the way. The game is trickier than it looks at first, since magnets can only pull the object closer, and only the closest magnet will take effect, requiring careful planning and coordination to ensure that you maintain a steady course and get to the end of each maze.

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PCalc/PCalc Lite ($10/free) — One of our favorite iOS calculator apps comes to the Apple Watch, allowing you to make quick calculations right from your wrist, with a full calculator app, a tip calculator, and the ability to see your most recent iPhone calculations at a glance.