Audiobooks from Audible, Elevate, Inbox by Gmail, Starbucks, TED + Twitter

Elevate (free) — Another game designed to stimulate and train your brain, Elevate is made to help eliminate writing errors. Significant educational content has been added to Elevate games like Error Avoidance, Extraction, Spelling, and others, and a new sound setting lets you toggle game sound effects on and off.

Audiobooks from Audible, Elevate, Inbox by Gmail, Starbucks, TED + Twitter

Audiobooks from Audible (free) — Fans of Audible Audiobooks can now share their listening progress to social media — including sharing via SMS and WhatsApp — and post when they’ve finished a title.

Inbox by Gmail (free) — In addition to the usual collection of bug fixes and performance improvements, Google’s new email app adds an option to quickly empty Trash and Spam folders. “One-tap snooze” now tries to automatically provide suggested snooze times based on dates and times contained in an email.
Starbucks (free) — It took a while, but iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support has finally been added, just in time for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, with visual upgrades throughout the app. The Pay feature has also been redesigned to streamline managing your cards and transferring balances between them, and the barcode screen now shows available Rewards, offers, and coupons.

TED (free) — The official app for viewing TED talks has gotten some more polish, with larger poster images for speakers, improvements to the talk details screen, and visual fixes for iOS 9.

Twitter (free) — The official Twitter app gets a whole new iPad experience, adapting the UI to best fit the device it’s running on, and providing a consistent experience across devices. Many iPhone-only features also get added to the iPad in this update.