Blockr, Chesh, Sago Mini Babies, Puzzle & Glory + more

Blockr, Chesh, Sago Mini Babies, Puzzle & Glory + more

New Apps

Blockr ($1) — One of the lower profile features added in iOS 9 was support in Safari for third-party content blocking solutions, similar to what Mac users have been able to employ for years. Blockr is one of the first such apps to appear on the App Store; once installed, it plugs into the Safari browser, allowing you to selectively remove annoying ads, images, social buttons, cookie warnings, and more while surfing the web. An extension in Safari’s Share Sheet provides access to Blockr’s settings without leaving the browser, and specific sites (such as, say, can be whitelisted to disable ad and other content blocking on those sites.

Chesh ($3) — Inspired by the classic board game Chess, this new app takes it into a completely random direction, requiring you to throw away every strategy you’ve ever employed in classic chess. Every game starts with different pieces, and every piece gets a random movement rule assigned to it, requiring you to adapt to the changes and ensuring every gameplay experience is a unique one. You’ll learn by playing, and re-learn each time you play again.

Sago Mini Babies ($3) — Sago is back with another game that encourages creativity and exploration in toddlers. Sago Mini Babies lets preschool boys and girls care for adorable new characters, feeding them, playing dress-up, changing diapers, and more. The open-ended app lets children explore and play at their own pace, and helps them develop empathy and nurturing behaviour.

Puzzle & Glory (free) — Although match-three games have become commonplace on the App Store, this new entry from Sega actually takes an interesting spin on the classic concept, adding an RPG element so that you’re not just playing a puzzle, but also working to solve larger quests and leveling up your character, adding an extra level of engagement as you train your characters, compete in tournaments, and determine the path to victory.

Google (free) — Map results now appear directly in Google’s search app when users are looking for an address, rather than having to open results into Google Maps. The new update also allows users to add photos and reviews for local places, and tap and play animated GIFs in search results.

PCalc / PCalc Lite ($10 / free) — The power user’s iOS calculator app adds 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users, providing quick access to Calc features, and users of the paid versions can configure the 3D Touch shortcuts, as well as using them to peek at tape, registers, or RPN stacks in the engineering and programmer modes.

Skype (free) — The latest update adds full iOS 9 compatibility, and the ability to access to search for and start chats with Skype contacts directly from the iOS 9 Spotlight search screen, as well as reply to Skype notifications without needing to open the app.

YouTube (free) — Although a handful of users saw YouTube’s new iOS app interface last spring, Google has now rolled it out to the world, sporting the same Material Design style as the rest of Google’s apps, with the ability to swipe between recommended videos, favorite channels, and subscriptions and new in-app editing tools that let you create fun videos on the fly. The new version also brings support for YouTube’s Music Key subscription service to iOS users in countries where the service is available.

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