Colopl Rune Story, Kung-Fu Sheep, X-Mercs, Cooking Dash 2016, Jetpack Joyride, + Modern Combat 5

Colopl Rune Story, Kung-Fu Sheep, X-Mercs, Cooking Dash 2016, Jetpack Joyride, + Modern Combat 5

Colopl Rune Story (free) — This new story-driven game blends RPG, city-building, and resource-management elements, sending players on a journey to use a mystical rune compass to uncover ancient magical runes. Players recruit and train characters, join forces with other players, and build a town from which they can harvest resources and upgrade weaponry to lead a strong army in support of their quest. The game includes over 1,000 story quests across 11 flying islands for hours of gameplay, along with a narrative reminiscent of Japanese RPG classics, as well as over 200 characters to play, real-time co-operative missions and a guild system, and a real-time city living and building experience.

Kung-Fu Sheep (free) — This new quirky 2D combat platformer puts you into the role of legendary Kung-Fu Sheep BaaLee where you must learn to become a master of martial arts by learning basic skills like leaping, kicking, and tumbling to defeat silly yet treacherous animal foes and earn color belts as your prowess in martial arts advances. It’s a comically silly and cute little platformer that hovers on the range of absurd, but still manages to be a lot of fun.

X-Mercs (free) — This is a new massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game that builds on classic game design with a strong single-player component and a compelling narrative that crosses more than 80 missions. Players are set on a future earth afflicted by a space borne material and must lead a team of mercenaries on a mission to dispatch the hordes of mutants that were created as a result. Co-operative play is expected to be arriving in a future update, as well as a continuous stream of new content to ensure that players can keep on enjoying the game.
Cooking Dash 2016 (free) — This latest “dash” time management game gets another new show level added to keep the excitement going: Enso Sushi Garden has you crafting Maki Rolls and mastering Sushi Boats across 45 new levels with unique gameplay mechanics and a new VIP special guest with a new boost and prep kitchen item.

Jetpack Joyride (free) — Barry Steakfries goes Back to the Future in this special update that adds a new mode where roads are optional, flux capacitors can be collected to unlock Marty, Doc, and Biff outfits, you can fly through Hill Valley 2015, and even equip a DeLorean Time Machine and Overboard.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout (free) — FPS action gets spooky and wild with a boosted Halloween update that adds new special multiplayer events, with invisibility, carpet bombings, and many more perks, and of course a whole new set of content with festive camos and cool trinkets for your weapons, a new Pumpkin mask, ghosts and other strange night-time combat experiences. A whole new Werewolf event has also been added to unlock cool new armor and fill your blood thirst meter to unleash ravaging attacks.

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