Goat Simulator MMO, Plum’s Creaturizer, Worms 4, Zen Brush 2 + more


Goat Simulator MMO, Plum’s Creaturizer, Worms 4, Zen Brush 2 + more

New Apps

Goat Simulator MMO Simulator ($5) — Coffee Stain Studios takes their infamous Goat Simulator into a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, allowing you to become a goat in a much larger world, interacting with other simulated goats. Five different character classes include Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter and Microwave, and dozens of quests let you level up a hundred times, and you even get elves and dwarves thrown in for good measure.

Plum’s Creaturizer (free) — If your kids have been dreaming of building their very own creature creation, PBS Kids has them covered with this new app that lets you build wild creations and then take them outside to place them into outdoor scenes. The app is designed to encourage kids to interact with nature and have fun exploring. More than a billion unique creature combinations are available, with each creature’s head, body, legs, eyes, tail, wings, ears, horns, and skin fully customizable. Kids can complete missions in which they need to consider each creature’s needs, such as habitat, diet, and adaptations. It also encourages kids to think about how their creatures might live – how they hunt, eat, look for water, make homes, defend themselves, and raise their young.

Worms 4 ($5) — The fourth installment in the popular franchise is here with synchronous multiplayer matches that allow you to battle with opponents from around the world. There are also shorter and more explosive matches so you can play in less time, and enriched cartoon visuals designed for smaller screens. Of course, you also get an epic collection of new weapons, weapon upgrades, five beautiful hand-drawn regions in which to battle, and 80 single player missions to keep you busy. Worms 4 is also built with Apple’s new Metal technology, so newer devices get even more cool visual effects.

Zen Brush 2 ($3) — This new drawing app is focused on the feel of the East Asian ink brush, and incorporates a new drawing engine designed to provide a natural painting feeling, along with a simple and intuitive user interface that stays out of the way and lets you focus on performing Zen art. You’re ready to draw as soon as you open the app, and you can easily post your calligraphy and illustrations to social networks, optionally set against a large collection of background templates.

Cooking Dash 2016 (free) — The time management “dash” game gets a fourth season for the first level, Table Steaks, great for those who have completed the game or don’t want to spend any more gold on the higher levels.

Disney Gif (free) — Version 2.0 of Disney’s GIF sharing app adds Facebook Messenger support, support for sharing gif content direclty through text, clipboard, camera roll, and more, and improved premium content discoverability.

Google+ (free) — The latest update to Google’s social network app finally brings iOS users the new Collections feature, first introduced last spring. In addition to sharing to collections as well as circles and communities, you can now view featured collections, follow specific collections, and create or edit your collections.

Google Drive (free) — Version 4.1 finally brings iOS users the ability to select multiple files to keep offline, star, or organize within the app – in theory, at least, as according to a post from the Google Drive team, the feature “will be rolling out in the app over the next week or so,” so some changes on the back-end are probably required too.

Google Maps (free) — Version 4.1 adds additional Street View integration, with a thumbnail on the map for address searches or tap-and-hold gestures. Support for Google My Maps has also been added so you can see the custom maps you’ve created, and the flow for writing reviews has been improved.

Google Photos (free) — Version 1.3 now lets you reorder your photos within an album, choose portions of a video clip to include in movies, and back up individual photos and videos manually if you don’t want to use the auto-backup feature. Sharing links from emails and other sources will also now automatically open directly in the Google Photos app instead of your web browser.

Skype (free) — Version 6.0 brings a big redesign to the Skype user interface, simplifying navigation and making the app generally easier to use. The search feature has been beefed up as well, so you can now find conversation content as well as groups and contacts, and new multi-tasking features let you switch between your call and chat screens so you can share photos, web links, your location, and more, while you’re still talking.


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