Welcome to iLounge’s Best of the Year Awards for 2017! Our team of editors have once again gone through the products we’ve covered during the past year, highlighting our favorites in a number of categories. Our selections this year were made based on any products we covered — and any apps we used — from Nov. 1, 2016 to Nov. 15, 2017.

This year, we have products across 17 different categories, with the usual changes based on what we’ve seen on the market — not all of our previous categories included enough products to choose from, and we’ve added some new categories and combined other. Each category has one winner, with some categories also noting some runner-up selections. You can click on any product link to read our full review. We hope this list will give you some ideas for this year’s holiday shopping and beyond. Thanks for reading!


Jesse Hollington was a Senior Editor at iLounge. He's written about Apple technology for nearly a decade and had been covering the industry since the early days of iLounge. In his role at iLounge, he provided daily news coverage, wrote and edited features and reviews, and was responsible for the overall quality of the site's content.