2007 iPod models and speakers


Q: Do you know if the Altec Lansing iM600 iPod speaker system is compatible with the new iPod Nano 3rd Generation with Video. The Apple Store says that it is not but Altec Lansing claims on their website that this speaker system works with all iPod models. I have not tried it yet for fear of damaging my new Nano. I checked out your review and it says that it is compatible with the nano, but it does not specify which models. I really liked the demo that I heard and would like to purchase one. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

– Chris

A: For the purposes of audio playback, the iM600 speaker system is compatible with all of the 2007 iPod models, and even the iPhone (although you will receive a prompt about enabling “Airplane Mode” on the iPhone, as with most other iPod speakers).

The only function of the iM600 that does not work with the 2007 iPod models is the “Video Out” port, which may be why this particular speaker system is not being listed by Apple as compatible. As we have discussed in previous week’s columns, the new iPod models require specific new accessories to enable the video out functionality, and the iM does not include the necessary authentication chip to enable this feature.

Realistically, however, video output is clearly not a core feature for a speaker system such as this, and it’s likely not going to be an issue for most users. All audio playback related functions of the iM600 work fine with all of the 2007 iPod models, including the remote control functions.


Jesse Hollington

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