About iPad Product Codes

Q: What is the difference between the MC7062P & MD3292P product codes for the iPad?

– Mary

A: Those particular product codes don’t actually exist as Apple products. However, these are easily mistaken for the product codes MC706ZP and MD329ZP, which represent 32GB third-generation iPad Wi-Fi models sold in Hong Kong, in black and white, respectively. Due to the nature of the Asian electronics market, it’s not uncommon for models from Hong Kong to appear on sites such as eBay, particularly shortly after a new model is released, although it’s worth noting that counterfeit devices are also commonly sold with similar product codes to confuse potential buyers, so it’s entirely possible that some auction and fly-by-night online stores may be selling devices with M7062P and M3292P product codes claiming to be iPads.

Apple’s product codes actually follow a fairly standard pattern, usually starting with a four- or five-digit alphanumeric code identifying the actual product itself followed by a one- or two-letter code representing the country in which the product is distributed. For example, product code MC706LL is a black, 32GB third-generation Wi-Fi iPad sold in the U.S., MC706C is the same model sold in Canada, M706B in the U.K. and so forth. Different capacities often use sequential numbering (but not always), so in this case MC705 and MC707 would be the 16GB and 64GB versions, respectively, of the black, Wi-Fi iPad. Likewise, the white Wi-Fi only models are MD328, MD329 and MD330 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, respectively.

Note that the country specific suffix codes merely represent different packaging for different countries, such as the printing on the box and the paperwork and type of power adapter included in the package. However, for a given model the iPad device itself is the same regardless of which country it is being sold in—in other words there are no country-specific iPads, only country-specific packages. This means that if you were to buy an iPad with a product code of MD329HP you will get the exact same white, 32GB iPad Wi-Fi as you would if you purchased the MD329LL model in the U.S., but it will have information and language specific to Hong Kong both on the outside of the box and in the accompanying documentation, and you will get a power adapter suitable for use in Hong Kong.

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