Accessing FaceTime call history on a Mac

Q: Is there any call history for FaceTime on my son’s Mac? We’re running 10.7.5.

– Robert

A: The FaceTime app itself provides a basic call history list that can be found by clicking on the Recents tab in the bottom right corner. This will show all FaceTime calls placed and received on that specific computer. Clicking on the blue arrow to the right of an individual call will display additional details such as the time and duration of the call.

Accessing FaceTime call history on a Mac

Note that this will not show FaceTime calls placed from the user’s other devices. However, because FaceTime calls normally ring on all devices configured with the same address, it may show FaceTime calls received by other devices, provided the Mac was online when the call came in.

Although individual entries cannot be easily removed from this list, the entire call history list can be cleared simply by clicking the “Clear” button in the top-right corner of the FaceTime app.




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