Accessing Internet Radio from iOS Remote app

Q: I just installed the iPod touch remote app and an Apple Airport Express and am now running iTunes through my stereo and am very happy. I Would be even happier if the iPod touch could see the inventory of Internet Radio that I see on the PC screen, but can’t seem to find the magic potion to get that to happen. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Accessing Internet Radio from iOS Remote app

– Jim

A: Although there is no way to directly access the iTunes Internet Radio section from the iOS Remote app you can create playlists in iTunes for any Internet Radio streams you normally listen to and access them through these playlists.

To do this, simply create a new standard playlist in iTunes and drag-and-drop any radio stations you regularly listen to from the Radio section in iTunes directly onto the playlist. The radio stations will be listed in the playlist in the same way as other tracks but with a small wave icon beside them designating them as Internet Radio streams.

You can then listen to these radio stations via this playlist in the same way as any other track, including accessing them from the iOS Remote app. Of course since Internet Radio stations provide a continuous stream of music iTunes will never advance automatically to the next station, but the playlist is still a useful way to organize your favorite stations.


Accessing Internet Radio from iOS Remote app

You can even mix standard tracks and Internet Radio streams in a single playlist—placing an Internet Radio station at the bottom of a normal playlist is a useful way to keep iTunes playing after it’s finished running through your normal tracks.