Accessing iTunes U on iPad

Q: I am unable to access my iTunes U downloads on my iPad. iTunes U shows up in the library on iTunes on my computer, but it does not show up in the iPod library on my iPad. How do I access iTunes U downloads on my iPad?

– Sandra

Accessing iTunes U on iPad

A: Normally, iTunes U content should appear on the iPad within the iPod application, in a separate iTunes U category near the top of your Library listing above your playlists.

Unfortunately it appears that there is a bug with the iPad OS 3.2 and iTunes 9.2 that affects the display of iTunes U content.  For whatever reason, the “iTunes U” category only appears once you’ve downloaded iTunes U content directly on the iPad—it does not appear if you have only synced iTunes U content from your computer. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to work around this: Just open the iTunes application on your iPad and download an iTunes U episode from there. The episode will be downloaded directly onto your device and the “iTunes U” category will now appear in the iPod application with that newly-downloaded episode.

Your synced content may not yet appear, but a subsequent sync with your iTunes library should cause everything to show up properly in the “iTunes U” section on your iPad.

Also note that any video iTunes U episodes will also appear in an iTunes U category within the iPad Videos app.