Q: I recently switched to an iPod touch from another digital music player and can’t figure out why such an advanced device doesn’t include even a basic equalizer. I had an iPod several years ago, and I’m pretty sure there was a basic equalizer even back then, so I’m not sure why it’s missing from the new models. Does Apple expect people to buy an app for this?

Accessing the Equalizer on iOS devices

– Chad

A: Actually, the equalizer is still there on iOS devices, just hidden away in the Music section under the Settings menu, rather than directly accessible from within the actual Music app. While not the most obvious place to find equalizer settings, this is basically the same place it was found on older Click Wheel iPod models as well.

The iOS equalizer retains pretty much the same basic design as it always has, offering 22 presets but no customizable settings. Which the exception of the special Late Night setting which affects ALL device audio, the presets here apply only to listening to audio through the built-in Music app—they do not apply to videos or listening through any third-party apps, including even Apple’s own Podcasts app.


Accessing the Equalizer on iOS devices

If you’re syncing music from iTunes, you can also set equalizer presets for specific tracks by selecting a track, choosing File, Get Info and selecting the preset from the Options tab. This will override any EQ setting chosen on your device when playing that particular track, provided an EQ preset is actually enabled in the iOS Settings; OFF disables all equalizer settings, even those set on a per-track basis, the Flat setting can be used instead if you want to disable the default EQ and only apply per-track EQ presets.



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