Q: What are the possible reasons for a discrepancy between the number of songs showing in my iTunes library and the number of songs on my iPod? Currently, my iTunes library shows 2077 songs, and my iPod shows 2075. I’ve searched for duplicate songs, but I cannot locate any. Am I missing something?

– Anthony

A: If you check Only Update Checked Songs in the iPod preferences (in iTunes), then iTunes will not copy any songs where you have unchecked the little box at the left of their names. Also, if you happen to have purchased any albums from the iTunes Music Store that come with digital booklets, these PDF files are not copied to the iPod; they are, however, counted as “songs��? by iTunes. Finally, it is possible that two of your songs are corrupted, but it’s pretty hard to figure out which ones they are without closely comparing the contents of the iTunes library and the iPod.

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