Adding chapter markers to videos

Q: Is it possible to add chapter markers like iTunes Store movies have to DVDs I’ve imported and converted myself, or to other video files in my library?

– Aaron

A: By far, the easiest way we’ve seen to do this is with MovieChapterizer ($15) from JS8 Media.
It has a very simple interface, and works well with many formats that QuickTime supports, including the iPod-friendly H.264. Give it a shot!

Adding chapter markers to videos 2


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  1. IN response to the conversion to MP3 question – Don’t forget that by converting existing AAC files instead of re-importing new MP3s, you are compressing an already compressed song. You WILL lose quality that way. Just something to remember when deciding. You really don’t save much time, either.

  2. What is the best software to use to copy music from my ipod to my windows pc?

    My pc libraries got corrupted somehow and none of my over 20GB of music is usable. This happened when upgrading to itunes 7.0.2. Problem with Quicktime. BEWARE!!!


  3. my brother just gave me his old ipod but its formatted for a mac and i have windows. i dont want to lose all the songs on the ipod but im not sure how to go about getting them onto my computer with the podutil since itunes doesnt even recognize my ipod. it says it has to be restored/reformatted and won’t read any of the songs off of the ipod. im really new to all this so any help is fabulous. thanks

  4. Y’all are so cool I figured I’m about 30 years out of date when I found this site. So, I ordered a nano immediately, (to avoid the tough storage decision,) and I can’t wait to receive and retain this item for my ‘survival-kit.’ BTW, I think of Mp3’s as ‘demos’, -designed to promote the artists and allow them to sell and prosper as ‘indy’s,’ -cutting the nefarious label scheisters out of the game for good! IE, check out “Oi Va Voi,” or “Regina Spektor.”


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