Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac


Q: I am using iTunes 9 on my iMac and I try to keep my ID3 tags well organized. I also like to have lyrics in my tracks. On Windows I was able to copy and paste them from a website, but it seems that copy and paste is not an option when using iTunes on a Mac. Is there an easier way to put lyrics in my tags without typing the whole thing in manually?

Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac


A: You should be able to paste text into the lyrics field on iTunes for Mac in much the same way as you do on iTunes for Windows. Simply open the track info, select the “Lyrics” tab, place the cursor in the text entry field, and then either select Paste from the Edit menu in iTunes, or simply press CMD+V.

Adding lyrics in iTunes for Mac

There are also a number of third-party software packages that can be used to add lyrics to tracks for you, such as GimmeSomeTune and SongGenie.


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