Q: I can’t get my iPod touch ringer volume to work. It worked perfectly fine for about 6 months but now it won’t work at all. Any help would be amazing.

Adjusting iPod touch ringer volume

– Anonymous

A: You can check and adjust your ringer volume by going into the Settings app and choosing Sounds. The slider control at the top of this screen is used to adjust the volume for ringers and alerts. Note that this is not necessarily controlled by the volume buttons on the side of your device; recent versions of iOS now include a “Change with Buttons” setting that disables ringer volume control from the side buttons, setting them to be used only for controlling the volume of other sounds such as media playback and games.

When this option is turned OFF, the ringer volume will be fixed to whatever is set in the “Sounds” settings, and the side buttons will have no effect. If you want to use the side buttons to adjust the ringer volume, you will need to toggle this option ON. Alternatively, you can simply set your preferred ringer volume in the Settings app and leave this option off.



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