Adjusting playback speed of music tracks

Q: The listener can slow down the reading speed of an audiobook. Is it possible to slow down the speed of a song. I am trying to be able to play a violin along with a classical music piece to practice for my symphony. Is there a way I can do this with a song?

– Anonymous

A: Although the iPod does not provide any method for varying the speed of normal music tracks, you can easily designate a music track as an Audiobook to gain access to this feature.

Simply select the track in iTunes and choose File, Get Info and then select the Options tab. From here you can change the Media Kind to “Audiobook” and then click the OK button.

Once you’ve done this, resynchronize the track to your iPod if you’re using automatic sync mode, or copy it back if you’re managing your iPod content manually. Once you have done this, the track will appear in the Audiobooks section on your iPod and playback speed will be varied according to your Audiobook speed settings on your iPod.


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