Q: So, I bought around forty songs through the iTunes app on my iPod touch. I synced my iPod up to my computer, and the new songs’ album art showed up on the computer, but not on my iPod anymore. I tried to use the “Get Album Artwork” under the “Advanced” menu, but that didn’t solve the problem. Can you please help me find a way to get my album artwork back on my iPod?

Album art missing on iPod touch purchases

– Lauren

A: It sounds like there’s something wrong with your artwork database on your iPod touch and you may be better off restoring your device and reloading all of the content on it to avoid any similar problems in the future. Certainly if the problem recurs it might be time for a full restore.

Since that can be a complicated process, however, you can simply try removing the affected tracks from your iPod touch and loading them back on. How to do this will depend on how you are managing content on your iPod.

If you’re managing content manually, you can simply expand your iPod content in iTunes and delete the tracks from there, and then just drag them from iTunes back onto your iPod.

If you’re using automatic synchronization, the easiest way to deal with this is to enable the option on your iPod Summary page in iTunes to “Sync only checked songs and videos” and then UN-check those specific items and sync your iPod.

The unchecked items will be removed from your iPod during that subsequent sync, after which you can simply RE-check them and sync again in order to transfer them back on.



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