All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software


Accessory Compatibility, Generally: Users assumed from Apple’s initial announcement of iPhone that it would be fully compatible with iPod accessories, however, it is not. It has a recessed, concave headphone port, and though its Dock Connector is physically capable of connecting to past iPod accessories, it does not interact with those accessories in the same way a fifth-generation iPod would. Additional compatibility details are described below.

All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software

All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software

Apple Accessories: Apple has announced three self-developed accessories for iPhone. One is the iPhone Stereo Headset ($29), a pair of customized Apple iPod Earphones with a thin in-line microphone box at neck level in the cabling. The box also has a button that lets you accept or disconnect phone calls. This button is located below the microphone for one-press control of the phone, or the iPod’s media playback. A single press pauses or plays back music, as well as answering or ending a call; music fades in and out as appropriate. Two presses advances a track in the music.


All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software

Second is a Bluetooth earpiece, most likely called the iPhone Bluetooth Headset, and priced at $129. It is presumably compatible with the phone’s newer Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard rather than the older and more widespread Bluetooth 1.2 standard. The clean black design features only a single, top-mounted button, capable of connecting and disconnecting phone calls in progress, and according to Apple both pairs with iPhone and turns on and off automatically. Four pins on the bottom are used for recharging. The Bluetooth Headset comes with a special iPhone Dock that has an adjacent port for headset charging.


All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software

Additionally, Apple has shown a photograph of iPhone in a standard white Dock similar to the ones previously sold for iPods, minis, and nanos. Past iPods sold at the $499 and $599 price points have always included Apple’s Docks. It is believed that iPhone will come with the Dock, and that spares will be sold for $29-39. The Dock will likely have a Dock Connector port and an audio output, but not a S-Video output.

Third-Party Accessories: iPhone will not fit in the vast majority of iPod cases, nor will it necessarily work with all past iPod accessories. Manufacturers will need to keep consumers informed about whether their past accessories are fully safe to use with iPhone. Because iPhones have not been provided to developers for in-house electronic or physical testing, it will be unclear until after the iPhone’s launch which accessories will have issues, and how serious those issues will be. We have been told that it is possible that certain iPod chargers may break when connected to iPhone, and that it is likely that noises from iPhone will create audio interference with older iPod speakers.

If you are concerned about possible damage to your past accessories, we strongly recommend that you await “safe for iPhone” postings on manufacturers’ web sites before connecting them to your iPhone. Brief tests may not be enough to reveal certain types of issues, and since many electronically different revisions of accessories are out there, it is all but impossible for anyone other than the manufacturer to guarantee that all versions of a specific product will work. We’ll continue to monitor official word from manufacturers, and from Apple, as the iPhone launch nears and passes.

iPhone-specific accessories are already becoming increasingly available. We have already seen over 60 iPhone add-ons announced by major vendors, including Apple, Belkin, Body Glove, DLO, Griffin, Logic 3, Macally, Marware, Monster, Speck, v-Moda, XtremeMac, and many others. Each of the products on the list below is linked to information from iLounge, whether it’s in our Accessories list, The Free iPod Book 3.0, or elsewhere on the site. For a more up-to-date list of iPhone accessories, click here and look at the iPhone accessories sections.

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset
Apple Stereo Headset for iPhone
Apple Bluetooth Headset for iPhone
Belkin Acrylic Case for iPhone
Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPhone
Belkin Holster for iPhone
Belkin Mini-Stereo Link Cable
Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone
Belkin Stereo Link Cable
Body Glove/Fellowes Glove Horizontal and Glove/Scuba Horizontal Cases for iPhone
Body Glove/Fellowes Glove Kickstand Case for iPhone
Body Glove/Fellowes Glove Zig-Zag Case for iPhone
BoxWave Battery Adapter PRO
BoxWave ClearTouch Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Apple iPhone
BoxWave Designio Open Screen Leather Sleeve for Apple iPhone
BoxWave Designio Vertical Flap Leather Case for Apple iPhone
BoxWave FlexiSkin for Apple iPhone
BoxWave VersaCharger PRO
DLO HipCase for iPhone
DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone
DreamGear i.Sound RoadTalk
Griffin Technology Headphone Adapter for iPhone
Griffin Technology Elan Holster for iPhone
Griffin Technology Elan Sleeve for iPhone
Griffin Technology Elan Snap-In for iPhone
Griffin Technology iClear for iPhone
Griffin Technology PowerJolt for iPhone and iPod
Griffin Technology Streamline Armband for iPhone
Incipio Bikini Case for iPhone
Incipio ECO|case and Standard Pouch for iPhone
Incipio Executive Case for iPhone
Incipio ORION Case for iPhone
Incipio The Hipster and The Ranger Cases for iPhone
iStyles 2007 Sleeve Collection
JAVOedge JavoScreens for iPhone
Logic3 IP104 Speaker for iPhone
Macally mCase Protective Leather Case for iPhone
Macally mClip-X Genuine Leather Swivel Belt Clip and Stand for iPhone
Macally mPouch Protective Leather Pouch and Stand for iPhone
Macally mSleeve Genuine Leather Protective Case for iPhone
Macally USB Car Charger for iPod & iPhone
Marware C.E.O. Elite
Marware C.E.O. QuickVue
Marware C.E.O. Sleeve for iPhone
Marware Sidewinder for iPhone
Marware SportGrip for iPhone
Marware SportGrip Backwinder
Marware Sportsuit Sleeve for iPhone
Monster iCable for Car (iPod/iPhone)
Monster iCable for iPod and iPhone
Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter for iPod/iPhone
Pacific Rim Technologies iShield for iPhone
Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone
Power Support Crystal Jacket Set for iPhone
RadTech LenSavrz Optex Cleaning and Polishing Cloth for iPhone
Scosche Case for iPhone
Sena Cases Flip Case for Apple iPhone
Sena Cases Vertical Pouch for Apple iPhone
SendStation PocketDock AV All-in-One iPod Video Kit
ShieldZone Front Shield for Apple iPhone
Speck Holster-Pro for iPhone
Speck SkinTight 2-Pack for iPhone
Speck ToughSkin for iPhone
v-moda Vibe Duo for iPhone
XtremeMac InCharge
XtremeMac InCharge Auto
XtremeMac InCharge Travel

Third-Party Software: Looking for free software to run on your iPhone? Our Complete Guide to iPhone Software now includes a comprehensive list of all known programs for use with Apple’s iPhone. Use this link to browse multiple pages of iPhone application previews, download links, author credits, and more.

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