What’s the iPhone? On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced what he called a revolutionary device – one portable product combining a widescreen, touchscreen iPod, a GSM mobile phone, and Wi-Fi-enabled portable Internet communications functionality. He proudly named the device “iPhone.”

All Things iPhone

Roughly the size of a 30GB fifth-generation iPod, but slightly taller, iPhone was designed to capture 1% of the nearly 1-billion-unit-per-year mobile phone market by 2008, appealing to potential iPod, smartphone, and wireless data users through a futuristic but simple integrated interface. The device has sensors that detect ambient light levels, proximity to your face, and turning motions, enabling iPhone to automatically brighten, dim, turn off, and rotate its screen for various functions. And as promised, it handles everything from iPod video and music playback to e-mail and web browsing to cell phone calls and voicemail. You can view a video of the phone’s interface and body we’ve posted online.

Today, we have radically expanded our All Things iPhone hub to provide almost all the factual information you’ll need to make an informed decision about whether the new device’s features and limitations are right for you. Now divided into five sections, All Things iPhone is based on months of iLounge editorial research, hands-on testing after the iPhone’s unveiling, and comments from numerous industry insiders. Our separate 10-page review of the iPhone offers further opinions on the device’s performance, features, and viability given other available alternatives.

To make it easy for you to learn about iPhone’s major features, we’ve created a clickable graphic that lets you select any of iPhone’s face buttons to learn about its features. It’ll take you directly to our 16 Applications section of the All Things iPhone guide. Otherwise, use the links below to find the information you want.

All Things iPhone

All Things iPhone: Future Features, Sequels and Partners All Things iPhone: Add-Ons and Third-Party Software All Things iPhone: Interface and the 16 Applications All Things iPhone: What's Inside, Pricing, and Dates All Things iPhone: What's Outside

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[Editor’s Note: All Things iPhone was originally posted January 16, 2007, and was last updated September 18, 2007.]

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