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The iPod classic was released in September, 2007 as a renamed follow-up to Apple’s full-sized series of hard disk-based iPods, previously known as first- through fifth-generation iPods. iPod classic launched with two different storage capacities (80GB/160GB) and two different colors (silver/black), with the lower capacity iPod also possessing lower battery life than the larger version. Though based substantially on the prior year’s enhanced fifth-generation iPod, the iPod classic includes a new split-screen user interface, a superior audio chip, and dramatically better battery life, all at aggressive prices of $249 and $349.

iPod classic Review and Supplemental Materials

iPod classic (80GB/160GB) Review (iLounge rating: B+): This is our comprehensive review of the iPod classic, featuring information on the device, audio quality, battery life, compatible and incompatible accessories, and more.

The Beat Goes On: the Photo Gallery: See firsthand the introduction of the iPod classic in San Francisco, California, September, 2007, alongside the new third-generation iPod nano and iPod touch.

iPod classic Diagnostic Mode Photo Gallery: See pictures of iPod classic’s hidden diagnostic mode here.

iPod classic Unpack Photo Gallery: Check out our iPod classic and iPod nano unpacking photo gallery, including full shots of the box opening process, close-ups of the various components, and comparisons against other iPods.

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