All Things iPod mini


Second-Generation (Current) iPod mini – 4/6GB

All Things iPod mini

iPod mini (Second-Generation) Updated Review (iLounge rating: B+): A full look at the new features, packaging, and prices of Apple’s second-generation iPod mini hardware, introduced in February, 2005. There’s more than meets the eye.

iPod mini (Second-Generation) Photo Gallery: Check out our incredible iPod mini (second-generation) photo gallery, including full shots of the box opening process, close-ups of the various components, and comparisons against other iPod minis.

First-Generation (January 2004-February 2005) iPod mini – 4GB

iPod mini New Users’ Review (iLounge rating: B+): Read about the value of the iPod mini to iPod newbies.

iPod mini Power Users’ Review (iLounge rating: B+): The definitive review of Apple’s iPod mini, from packaging to marketing. Learn why users with greater demands may prefer other, more expensive iPods to the iPod mini.

iPod mini Battery Performance: A definitive look at the iPod mini’s battery performance.

iPod mini versus the Full-Sized iPod: Our first look at the iPod mini in early 2004, complete with comparison shots between the iPod mini and third-generation (3G) iPod.

iPod mini Links of General Interest

Picking the Right iPod for You: Download iLounge’s incredible free 2005 Buyers’ Guide for a complete guide to picking the best iPod for your personal needs and budget.