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iPod photo (First-Generation) Photo Gallery: Check out our first-generation (white boxed 40/60GB) iPod photo gallery, including full shots of the box opening process, and close-ups of the various components.

iPod photo (Second-Generation) Photo Gallery: Check out our second-generation (black boxed 30/GB) iPod photo gallery, including full shots of the box opening process, close-ups of the various components, and size comparisons with other iPods.

iPod photo Diagnostics Photo Gallery: Check out our photo gallery of the iPod photo’s diagnostics mode, including screen and other tests.

Current iPod photo Pricing and Pack-ins: Learn about Apple’s recent changes to the iPod photo’s pricing and pack-ins – specifically how $150 worth of pack-ins disappeared, resulting in $150 price drops.

Yes, the New iPod photo -is- Different: Differences discovered between iPod photos sold from October 2004 to January 2005 and those sold from January 2005 to the present day.

iPod photo New Users’ Review (iLounge rating: A-): See why the iPod photo remains our top-recommended iPod overall as of Spring 2005.

iPod photo Power Users’ Review (iLounge rating: B+): Get a more detailed review for more demanding iPod photo users, and learn why the iPod photo is as superb for hard-core iPod users as it is for beginners.

The iPod Audio Defect:
All the details on headphone jack noises known to exist in some iPod photo hardware.

Picking the Right iPod for You: Download iLounge’s incredible free 2005 Buyers’ Guide for a complete guide to picking the best iPod for your personal needs and budget.

iPod 101 and 201 Tutorials: Learn how to make the most of your iPod photo’s music capabilities with these handy tutorials.

iPod photo’s Photo Functionality: Here are some of our top articles on the iPod photo’s photo display and storage features.

Apple Adds New Photo Transition Effects, Support for iPod Camera Connector: Learn about Apple’s late March 2005 software and hardware additions to the iPod photo’s arsenal.

Review – Apple iPod Camera Connector (iLounge rating: B+): Apple’s $29 add-on lets you view pictures automatically on the iPod photo’s screen when transferred from a digital still camera. Updated with comparison information and great pictures of the new Photo Import feature.

Review – Belkin Media Reader (iLounge rating: B+): Belkin’s $70 add-on lets you view pictures automatically, and includes its own built-in memory card reader. Updated with new comparison information and pictures in April 2005.

Review – Belkin Digital Camera Link (iLounge rating: B): Belkin’s $80 add-on works faster with the iPod photo than Apple’s newer and cheaper peripheral, but doesn’t permit on-screen photo displays or detailed menu information. Updated with new comparison information and pictures in April 2005.

iPod 101 – The Complete Guide to the iPod photo: Learn all about using the new iPod photo’s photographic features with your computer, and on its screen.

iLounge Discussion Forums: iPod photo General Discussion, iPod Problems, and much more.

Visit our Reviews Page for the world’s most comprehensive reviews of cases, speakers, car accessories and everything else designed for your iPod photo.

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