All tracks begin where they were last stopped

Q: Hi! I’m having a weird problem: whenever I play a song, it picks up where it left off last time. Almost every song in my library that I don’t listen to completely will remain in that exact place until I go back to that song. What can be done for a situation like this?

– Malcolm

A: This is an easy-to-fix problem with your songs’ tag information. It seems that, somehow, every track in your library has been tagged with iTunes’ “Remember Playback Position” flag.

Thankfully, it’s easy to remove en masse:

View your main “Music” library, and choose “Select All” from the “Edit” menu. Then, choose “Get Info…” from the “File” menu. Now, check the box next to “Remember Position,” and change the pull-down menu’s value to “No.” Do not check the boxes next to any other option, or you risk overwriting many tags in an irreversible way.

All tracks begin where they were last stopped

Click OK, and all of the erroneous flags will be removed.

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