An Introduction to Cleaners and Polishes

iPod scratching problems were serious enough back in 2001 that iLounge readers began to look for ways to restore the factory-fresh polish of their front plastic and rear metal surfaces. In 2006, the situation hasn’t improved – if anything, it’s worse. So Cleaners and Polishes have now taken on greater importance.

Several solutions have been released to help iPod owners erase all evidence of front surface scratching and minimize evidence of rear scratching. So far, there’s no easy way to completely remove metal damage, but the plastic damage can be polished out with a bit of work. We have our favorites, and readers have contributed their thoughts, as well, suggesting products such as Brasso or toothpaste. A wiser alternative is to properly protect your iPod ahead of time with film and/or a case, but if you (like we) have scratches you really want to get out, check out our full reviews of these cleaning and polishing options.



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