An iPod Experience: Part 2


In Part 2, we read how Aaron’s iPod saves the day and dazzled a crowd of PC users.

Another Reason Why the iPod Kicks Ass

Using Apple’s newly released iPhoto software, I decided that I was going to put together a picture book for my girlfriend for Valentines Day. I had recently received a digital camera for Christmas, so I had been taking some photos of her and I at various activities we had attended together. I also asked around for some picture from our mutual friends that I could put in the book also. They gave me print photos, so to get them into iPhoto, I obviously would have to scan them. I was thinking, “No problem” because I could just go down to the library, scan them in, and e-mail them to myself at my account. Little did I know, it wouldn’t be that easy.

As I made my way down to the library, I hoped and prayed for the scanner to be connected to a Mac, but I didn’t get my hopes up. I rounded the corner of the West side of the computer lab and what did I see? A PowerMac G4 hooked up to an HP scanner. I sat down at the machine and got ready to work. To my surprise they had At Ease set up. What a pain. I couldn’t access any of the control panels, and I couldn’t save to anywhere I wanted to. I also ran into another problem. I had about ten photos that I wanted to send to myself, but my mailbox was close to its max size and I wanted these photos to be high quality. I didn’t know what OS the system was running and I thought I would be in a bind. I didn’t know how I was going to get my files to my computer.

Then it hit me. The iPod. I raced back to my dorm room and snagged my iPod and raced back. Since I didn’t know what OS the machine was running, or if the iPod would be recognized in At Ease, I held my breath as I plugged the iPod into the back of the G4. I waited… nothing… I waited longer… nothing. Then all of a sudden, Norton Anti-virus began scanning my iPod. It worked. I opened Photoshop and scanned in all my images. I saved them to my iPod and scurried back to my dorm room and uploaded them into iPhoto? twenty megabytes of pictures in a split second. Apple couldn’t have made it any easier.

Super Bowl Reactions

As Patriot fans are constantly reminding those who call “their” team the Rams, the Super Bowl was on Sunday, February 3. Being the social cat that I am, I spent my Sunday afternoon at a friend’s house for a nice gathering for what turned out to be an entertaining event (and this time for the game, and not the commercials). As always, I brought my iPod along to keep me entertained during lulls in conversation and lulls in the game.

The first time I whipped the bad boy out was during the third quarter when the Rams (who I was cheering for) were already down by a score. As the shiny metal hit the light, heads began to turn from the projection screen (5.5ft by 4.25ft or close to that, it was HUGE) to my tiny little iPod. The first reaction was from a lowly PC user who asked, “And what is THAT thing?” I calmly replied that it was my MP3 player (not yet mentioning who made it). Unfortunately my cover was blown when another party attendee blurted out, “Hey cool! Is that Apple’s iPod?!” You darn right it was. As the onlookers came closer, I began to explain the main features. When I mentioned that it had a 5GB HD, one of them said, “Gee, doesn’t that take a long time to copy all those files over USB?” A smile grew along my face as I took a swig of my Stewarts Root Beer. “No” I replied, “the iPod copies files over FireWire, so I can copy a whole CD in about 10 seconds.” He leaned back in his chair in amazement.

After I finished explaining to him the in’s and out’s of the iPod, I mentioned to him that Apple had recently introduced a new and redefined iMac. We talked about that for several minutes, watched the Ram’s score again, and then talked about it some more. Through the iPod, I was able to talk to about 8 different people about the various benefits of owning a Mac.


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