Apple Lossless on iPod shuffle


Q: I’m shopping for a new 2nd-generation shuffle, but I have a pre-purchase question. On Apple’s specifications page, I see that WAV and AIFF are listed as supported, but Apple Lossless is not. Is this an error, or is Apple Lossless not supported?

– William

A: As with the previous shuffle, the new model cannot play Apple Lossless. All Apple Lossless tracks must be converted to a compatible format before being transferred to an iPod shuffle.

Thankfully, this can be done automatically and behind-the-scenes. With your iPod shuffle plugged in and connected to iTunes, select it from the source panel. Then, under the ‘Settings’ tab, select the checkbox for “Convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbps AAC.” If you’d rather convert your Lossless tracks to another format, you’ll have to do so manually – iTunes’ automatic conversion feature is fixed at 128 kbps.

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